10 Marvel Characters Who Have the Potential to Return


For the reason that starting of the Wonder Cinematic Universe, there were many unexpected appearances, frequently bridging the gaps between motion pictures while development suspense and anticipation of recent persona arcs.

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With the brand new multiverse saga, fanatics are expecting variants of various characters who're believed to have had their ultimate look, together with Iron Guy (Robert Downey Jr.) who’s rumoured to have a variant performed by means of Tom Cruise. Irrespective, there are lots of characters who haven’t been discussed since their remaining look and whose long term within the MCU is lately unsure.



Darren Move (Corey Stoll) labored along Hank Pym, giving him the dignity of a mentor till he turned into obsessive about unearthing the reality in the back of the rumors of the Pym Particle, making a weaponized Swimsuit. Spotting how bad Move turned into, Ant-Guy was once left with out a selection however to shrink himself to smash the go well with from inside, in the long run transporting him into the Quantum Realm.

Whilst this seemed to mark the tip of this persona arc, revelations in regards to the Quantum Realm advised that may now not reasonably be the case. Each Scott and Janet escaped unhurt, and using this size fueled a time heist used to defeat Thanos. This raises the query whether or not YellowJacket is truly long past for just right?


Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) first seemed beneath the pretense of Mysterio to trick Peter into giving him EDITH. Sour at Tony Stark, Beck sought after to color an image of himself as a hero – the following Iron Guy. Whilst fighting Spider-Guy, Beck seemed to have died by the hands of his personal drone.

Whilst Mysterio’s dying was once proven on-screen, there are rumors that his dying may had been staged as smartly. If Beck died, there theoretically would had been an inquiry or autopsy which simply can have resulted in the identity of Mysterio as Quentin Beck. Even in Spider-Guy: No Approach House, Beck is many times known as Mysterio, a misplaced hero, elevating the query of what came about to him? In any case, he's an illusionist.

Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) was once a disgruntled competitor to Tony Stark who was once arrested for his association with Whiplash in Iron Guy 2. Pepper had Hammer arrested for helping a fugitive and being partly accountable for the drones wrecking havoc.

Sour and envious, he vowed revenge and towards each Tony and Pepper, leaving fanatics to wonder if he's nonetheless stewing with anger. In a brief entitled All Hail the King, audience witness the actor Trevor who performed Mandarin after his arrest, most effective to seek out Justin Hammer his cellmate, carefully studying about Pepper in {a magazine}.

Imaginative and prescient

After Imaginative and prescient (Paul Bettany)’s dying in Avengers: Infinity Battle, there have been conflicted perspectives whether or not Imaginative and prescient was once actually lifeless or briefly offline and might be introduced again to lifestyles by way of era or another innate energy. In WandaVision, it's published that his corpse was once taken to be weaponized, so it may be applied once more.

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Upon being revived as White Imaginative and prescient, he's programmed to kill Wanda in order that Westview may also be restored. On the other hand, the Imaginative and prescient created as part of Wanda’s reminiscence restores his recollections of his introduction, association with the Avengers, and romantic dating with Wanda. Whilst there have been doubts whether or not the actual Imaginative and prescient would ever be again in his true shape, fanatics can be expecting the chance down the street.


Ava (Hannah John-Kamen) was once pushed by means of desperation to save lots of her personal reside, fueling her try to open the Quantum Realm. Her persona can section thru gadgets, because of molecular disequilibrium. Within the movie’s finish, fanatics see her recuperate thru Janet’s assist.

Despite the fact that there was no indication that she would reprise her position in long term MCU tasks, there’s no reason why as to why her persona gained’t be observed once more on-screen. Despite the fact that little has been published in regards to the plot of the 3rd Ant-Guy movie, Ghost’s remaining look concerned self-redemption. If Ghost reprises her position, her persona might be that of a protagonist, hinting at the potential of turning into an Avenger.

Scarlett Witch

Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen)’s persona arc has been turbulent as she transitioned from sufferer to villain to hero and once more a villain. In Physician Ordinary: Multiverse of Insanity, Wanda took the position of a grieving mom who takes ruthless manner to achieve her kids.

After witnessing her kids tremble in concern upon seeing her new character, Wanda realizes how bad she has grow to be, destroying the Darkhold. Despite the fact that apparently that Wanda was once beaten within the procedure, fanatics are questioning if she is lifeless? Irrespective, Wanda’s variants comparable to Earth-838 might be a part of a larger plan- most likely an integral a part of MCU’s long term.


Hela (Cate Blanchett) seemed because the envious goddess of dying who's denied her rightful inheritor of the throne. She proclaimed herself to be Queen of Asgard, till Thor returned to save lots of his folks, spurring on a combat. Thor unleashed Ragnarok on Asgard in hopes of preventing Hela, in the long run main to an enormous explosion wherein Hela is believed lifeless.

Since not anything was once proven on-screen however reasonably presumed, some fanatics ponder the potential of her survival. Despite the fact that not going, the MCU may just carry Hela again, justifying her survival and bringing a few new storyline that addresses the historical past of Asgard.

Purple Parent

The Purple Parent (David Harbour) was once the primary Soviet-Russian tremendous solider who posed as a part of a regular circle of relatives along with his two surrogate daughters, Natasha, and Yelena. In his remaining look in Black Widow, the members of the family parted techniques on just right phrases.

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Despite the fact that his long term is unclear, his position up to now as an ideal soldier, and arguably historical past with Captain The us may just bridge some previous storylines. As Black Widow is a fan favorite, seeing extra of Natasha’s circle of relatives may just shed extra gentle into her lifestyles in addition to carry a few solution to honor the nature one day.


Toomes (Michael Keaton) remodeled himself into the Vulture after shedding his paintings, forcing him to take issues into his personal palms. He stole Chitahuri era from Stark, turning into a black-market guns broker till his plans have been foiled by means of Spider-Guy.

After his arrest, Toomes is approached by means of a fellow cellmate who desires to grasp Spider-Guy’s actual id in hopes of killing him. Probably indebted for saving his lifestyles, he conceals Peter’s id. Toomes was once remaining observed within the post-credits scene of Morbius, elevating questions of the place this persona arc will in the long run finally end up?


The Collector (Benicio del Toro)’s remaining on-screen look in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was once adopted by means of an on-screen point out wherein Thanos obtains the Fact Stone, probably from the Collector. Since Thanos is understood to be ruthless, some have questioned whether or not he can have killed the Collector.

Whilst he obviously gave in to Thanos, surrendering the Fact Stone, that by myself doesn’t ensure his dying. For the reason that Collector’s complete possible an anti-hero and tremendous villain hasn’t been explored, fanatics can think that he may just play a larger position within the upcoming motion pictures.

Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) was once remaining observed as a grieving spouse at Tony Stark’s funeral after his selfless sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame. Despite the fact that the nature is in short discussed afterwards, it appeared obvious that the nature would now not go back.

Gwyneth, herself, mentioned that she’d be retiring from the MCU after Avengers: Endgame despite the fact that she not too long ago addressed the way forward for Pepper Potts with optimism, expressing passion in returning for a small section. This raises the chance that Morgan Stark may just grow to be IronHeart, strolling in her fathers’ footsteps together with her mom’s reinforce.

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