10 Questions Redditors Still Have


Previous this yr, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone celebrated its 2oth anniversary with a reunion particular, Go back to Hogwarts. It noticed a number of of the primary forged reunite to talk about their reminiscences of constructing the wildly fashionable film collection and confirmed simply how shut actors like Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe had transform. It additionally responded many behind-the-scenes questions audiences had by no means had a solution to.

Alternatively, even a majority of these years later, Harry Potter fanatics have discovered that they nonetheless have some unanswered questions concerning the plot of Sorcerer's Stone. A few of these arose years later when long term installments introduced bizarre contradictions, whilst different sides of the movie made no sense to audiences from day one. Lovers on Reddit posed a few of their largest questions on the primary Harry Potter film and the e-book in hopes that anyone may have some solutions.


Was once Dumbledore Baiting Voldemort?

When Sorcerer's Stone was once first launched, audiences could not lend a hand however snort at how simple it was once for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to get previous the protections guarding the Stone. Dumbledore and McGonagall have been so assured that it was once protected, but 3 11-year-old kids may just get entry to it with out a drawback.

Because the collection persisted, then again, it turned into transparent that Dumbledore did not anything accidentally. So now, Redditors like AnEndlesWaltz are asking: “did Albus bait [Voldemort] with the stone to check out to thwart him?” If that had been the case, Dumbledore would have purposely made the hindrances simple, apart from for the Replicate, which was once the one correct coverage. It is imaginable that the combo of Harry and the Stone was once simply bait to get Voldemort out of hiding.

How Did Quirrell In finding Voldemort?

Professor Quirrell was once described as a suave guy desperate to end up himself. To try this, he tracked down the whereabouts of the Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort and ended up possessed by means of him. However AnEndlessWaltz is puzzled about how Quirrell may have controlled this.

“Bellatrix boasted that she seemed the longest/maximum out of any individual,” they mentioned. If robust wizards like Bellatrix, her husband, and Barty Crouch Jr could not in finding Voldemort, a tender, fresh-out-of-school wizard could not have both. In all probability if Dumbledore was once hoping to entice Voldemort out of hiding, he gave Quirrell slightly nudge, however that may had been heartless even for him.

Why Was once Hermione Afraid Of Voldemort's Identify?

When Harry first began interacting with the wizarding global in Sorcerer's Stone, he steadily forgot that it was once taboo to mention the title Voldemort. He have been raised by means of Muggles, so despite the fact that the Darkish wizard had murdered his oldsters, he did not have an issue announcing his title.

Alternatively, Hermione was once additionally raised by means of Muggles, but she was once instantly afraid to mention the title. “She would simplest know of him thru books, however she would not actually perceive the concern of him,” mentioned Redditor Proro. In all probability she had simply been appearing to higher have compatibility in, however that does not appear just like Hermione, who was once usually sensible in Harry Potter.

Why Would Dumbledore Use The Deluminator?

When Dumbledore seemed on Privet Power firstly of Sorcerer's Stone, he pulled out his magical Deluminator and put out the entire side road lighting. This was once performed so he may just steer clear of sneaky eyes seeing him out the window, however Redditor 3oblins was once puzzled by means of this choice.

“It shot vivid lighting throughout everybody's home windows in the midst of the night time,” they identified, questioning how Dumbledore concept that that may be much less suspicious than a unusually dressed guy on the street. However, in the end, it is going to have simply been Dumbledore's flashiness that impressed him to make use of his nifty device.

Is Gringotts In reality the Simplest Wizarding Financial institution?

Within the e-book, Harry was once shocked to be told that wizards had banks, however Hagrid clarified that there's “just one.” He was once referring, after all, to Gringotts Financial institution. Alternatively, as audiences have realized extra concerning the wizarding global, it kind of feels ordinary that there could be a unmarried financial institution for everybody to make use of.

Redditor TheHammerIsMy requested if Hagrid had supposed there was once simplest the financial institution in Diagon Alley or if he had supposed that “there may be only one financial institution corporate however a number of places?” This might be the case, as Invoice Weasley labored for Gringotts and traveled the sector, however it kind of feels there is not any method to know needless to say.

Why Did Scabbers Chew Goyle?

Within the Thinker's Stone e-book, Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle presented themselves to Harry and Ron at the teach journey to Hogwarts. As soon as Harry had grew to become down Malfoy's invitation for friendship, the bullying began, and Goyle reached to take a few of their snacks for himself. Alternatively, Scabbers stored the say and bit his finger fairly significantly.

In fact, years later, audiences be informed that Scabbers was once, if truth be told, a Dying Eater in cover. This led Redditor TheHammerIsMy to invite if Scabbers, or Peter Pettigrew, “hates Goyle for some explanation why?” It might be that Scabbers feared him because the son of any other Dying Eater, or possibly he simply did not need any individual to take his snacks.

How Does The Faculty Monitor Scholars?

Prior to Hagrid mentioned the well-known line “Yer a wizard, Harry,” the Boy Who Lived gained a number of hundred letters from Hogwarts. The primary one had known that Harry lived within the cabinet below the steps, however within the e-book, every next letter mentioned no matter location the Dursleys had moved him to inside of the home.

On the time, this gave the look of some captivating magic, but it surely raised questions for Redditors like Eyl327. “Should not they have the ability to know when he isn't within the commonplace room?” they requested, stating that if there may be magic to pinpoint the place a scholar is in a Muggle space, the paranormal citadel will have to have had higher tabs on its scholars.

How Did Hagrid Now not Get Stuck?

When Hagrid selections Harry up from the island shack firstly of Sorcerer's Stone, he makes use of somewhat slightly of magic. First, he makes use of no matter roughly appeal to get entry to the hut. Then, he lighting a hearth and tries to show Dudley right into a pig. He tells Harry to not repeat all of this to any individual since he is not allowed to do magic. It was once one among Hagrid's absolute best moments in Harry Potter, but it surely raised a couple of questions.

Audiences later be informed that the Ministry of Magic tracks magic use, particularly in Muggle spaces. Redditor Eyl327 requested why the Ministry did not understand magic getting used “illegally in entrance of Muggles.” It is imaginable that that house was once too far flung for them to look, or possibly Dumbledore by some means intervened.

Why Did not Snape Magically Heal His Leg?

After the occasions of Halloween, the Golden Trio spotted that Snape had an unpleasant gash on his leg that led him to limp for the following couple of weeks. This made Harry assume that Snape was once the only seeking to get the Sorcerer's Stone since he had attempted to get previous Fluffy.

In fact, they later in finding out that Snape's twist finishing in Sorcerer's Stone was once that he was once simplest seeking to prevent Quirrell, however that does not solution Redditor HarryPotterCupcake‘s query: “why does not Snape have Madam Pomfrey repair his leg, or repair it himself?” It's transparent from later installments that Snape is succesful, however possibly Fluffy's saliva has magical houses that stay a wound from being healed.

Why Would Scholars Be Despatched Into The Wooded area?

Harry's first detention at Hogwarts resulted from sneaking out of the citadel at night time, and he spent it within the Forbidden Wooded area with Hagrid. In fact, this was once when he first were given a take a look at Voldemort himself and got here very with regards to being killed if Firenze the centaur hadn't intervened.

This has at all times confused audiences, who've discovered it ordinary that McGonagall would ship scholars right into a forbidden location as punishment for breaking the principles. “Indubitably they may be able to be of no lend a hand to Hagrid and will simplest get into extra threat,” mentioned Redditor Rumblemuffin. Perhaps this was once but any other plan of Dumbledore's to check the type of individual that Harry had transform.

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