10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Wonder Woman As A Character


With Gal Gadot portraying Marvel Girl within the DCEU, one of the crucial loved and standard characters from DC Comics used to be presented to the massive display. Because the hero in some of the perfect, if no longer the most efficient, motion pictures in the entire DCEU with Marvel Girl, the way in which her personality translated from comedian ebook pages to movie is a vital a part of that movie’s reward.

Recognized for her energy, grace, and center Marvel Girl demonstrates the core of her personality via her phrases in her time right through her DCEU appearances.


10 “I Keep. I Battle, And I Give For The Global I Know Can Be.”

Marvel Girl, 2017

Marvel Girl ends with Diana monologuing as she reminisces about Steve Trevor and describes her lifestyles’s function as staying, preventing, and giving all she will to this global for what it may be at some point.

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Marvel Girl’s optimism and compassion for the arena shine on this remark. Thru her selflessness, she remains the place she is and offers all she will for the most efficient model of the arena conceivable. Marvel Girl displays that energy in preventing isn't at all times from anger.

9 “I Belong To No One.”

Zack Snyder's Justice League, 2021

Whilst preventing Marvel Girl in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Steppenwolf antagonizes her, calling off the Parademons from becoming a member of the fight by means of announcing she is his to combat. This handiest serves to anger Marvel Girl, who makes it transparent that she belongs to no person.

Even though she fights along her sisters and the Justice League, that doesn't make her any much less impartial or imply she belongs to any individual—let on my own Steppenwolf. Predictably, Marvel Girl then proves herself to be a lot more tough than Steppenwolf anticipated.

8 “I’m Keen To Battle For The ones Who Can't Battle For Themselves.”

Marvel Girl, 2017

Regardless of the Amazons residing a secluded lifestyles clear of the affairs of the remainder of the arena, Marvel Girl desires to go away Themyscira to combat Ares and finish WWI. When met with resistance from her mom, Queen Hippolyta, she insists that she desires to combat for individuals who can not.

Impressed by means of Queen Hippolyta’s preventing for a similar, Marvel Girl proves to be some of the most powerful feminine characters within the DC Universe bodily and emotionally as she makes use of her energy altruistically to offer protection to others from hurt. SHe's successfully banished from Themyscira for leaving, however, to Dianna, it is a value value paying to do what is proper.

7 “You Can Most effective Have The Reality, And The Reality Is Sufficient.”

Marvel Girl 1984, 2020


In Marvel Girl 1984,  Marvel Girl tells Maxwell Lord that having in reality sufficient, and there's no wish to need to have the whole lot. Marvel Girl has at all times emphasised honesty, particularly taking into consideration one in all her maximum dependable guns is the Lasso of Reality.

She believes in reality gorgeous, regardless of how tough it can be to care for from time to time, just because it's the reality. Marvel Girl seeks and defends the reality as she protects the arena she loves, even if it isn't handy or simple to listen to.

6 “Why, For As soon as, Can’t I Simply Have This One Factor?”

Marvel Girl 1984, 2020

Marvel Girl has given up many stuff necessary to her to avoid wasting humanity from risk it can not care for, and Marvel Girl 1984 displays her suffering with at all times prioritizing others.

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Marvel Girl is selfless, just about to her detriment, as she can not have the affection with Steve Trevor that she desires as a result of it isn't true to fact. Regardless of how just right she is aware of one thing is for her, she refuses to pursue one thing that isn't general really useful to the arena or humanity.

5 “I Am The Guy Who Can.”

Marvel Girl, 2017

At the boat from Themyscira, Steve Trevor tells Marvel Girl they must steer clear of going to the middle of the conflict to forestall Ares and as an alternative must move to London and communicate to the lads who in reality can do one thing to finish the conflict.

Marvel Girl displays her decision as she insists that she is the person who can forestall Ares and the conflict with out risking extra lives. Marvel Girl's self assurance in being the person ready to have an effect on the conflict is confirmed true in “no guy's land,” the place Gal Gadot secures her position as some of the perfect superhero performances in DC motion pictures.

4 “What [To Do] With The Reality Is Extra Tough Than You’d Assume.”

Marvel Girl, 2017

In some of the nice motion pictures in a nasty franchise, Marvel Girl admits that even if she values the reality extremely, it isn't at all times simple to care for. Marvel Girl sees the facility if truth be told and is aware of it will have to be correctly harnessed and used to stay its good looks.

On this approach, Marvel Girl carefully relates the reality to grace, which she repeatedly presentations whether or not she is on Themyscira or the battlefield or discussing artwork within the Lourve. In fact, the she's pressured to take care of the trouble of this concept on the finish of the movie when it is printed that Ares used to be no longer the rationale that global used to be at conflict.

3 “What I Do Is No longer Up To You.”

Marvel Girl, 2017

As some of the perfect feminine characters within the DCEU thus far, Marvel Girl refuses to do what any individual tells her simply because they inform her to take action, even though this is a guy she loves directing her. This fierce independence is a large a part of what has stored Marvel Girl the pop-culture icon that she is, and her motion pictures display this trait in complete drive.

Marvel Girl is aware of the precise motion to take morally and strategically, so when Steve Trevor tells her no longer to check out and prevent Ares on the gala in Marvel Girl, she refuses to let him regulate her when extra lives are misplaced the longer she waits to strike.

2 “… it’s about what you consider. And I consider in love.”

Marvel Girl, 2017

Within the ultimate fight in opposition to Ares in Marvel Girl, she realizes what Steve Trevor stated is right, and her combat is in point of fact about her trust in love above all else.

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Marvel Girl’s combat isn't about whether or not the arena merits it. It's not so simple as humanity is just right and deserving of her assist as a result of there also are darker sides to humanity. Marvel Girl’s love for humanity and its difficult nature is why she fights for it.

1 “Oh, I Don’t Assume You’ve Ever Recognized A Girl Like Me.”

Batman V Superman, 2016


In a movie targeted round one of the most powerful characters within the DCEU, Marvel Girl asserts herself as one in all a sort in her dialog with Bruce Wayne. Marvel Girl does no longer say this in some way that comes off as believing she is above different ladies, although.

As an alternative, she expectantly and gracefully we could Bruce know his first impact of her can't be fully correct given her heritage as an Amazon and her superhuman talents that don't manifest outwardly. Bruce is used to getting his approach, however he is were given to end up himself to Diana ahead of she'll agree with him with anything else.

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