8 Things From ‘Friends’ That Wouldn't Fly Today


Pals is without doubt one of the maximum iconic sitcoms in tv historical past, airing on NBC for 10 seasons from 1994 via 2004. However it is exactly that decade-long time frame that made the display at risk of telling “jokes” that merely would now not fly in 2022.

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From the abundance of homophobia and transphobia to the fantastic gender stereotypes and jokes surrounding folks's seems, Pals is filled with content material {that a} fashionable sitcom would now not be ready escape with lately – issues that can simply make audiences flinch whilst they watch all the ones reruns on TBSor binge-watch all the collection on HBO Max.

*Caution: this text comprises material in relation to homophobia, transphobia, and sexual attack*


“I Married A Lesbian!”

It is arduous to consider Ross and omit the truth that he was once as soon as married to a lesbian. That is as a result of Pals relentlessly reminds the target market of this truth, or even made his ex-wife Carol & her new spouse Susan the butt of a number of jokes during the collection.

Homophobia this blatant would no doubt now not be observed on tv lately, particularly when such a lot of characters and {couples} in recent times are celebrated for being LGBTQ+, and actual “buddies” would not make amusing of or resent anyone for a state of affairs like this both.

Chandler's Transphobia

The 90s made an overly dangerous dependancy of constructing jokes on the expense of the LGBTQ+, Pals however. As soon as one among Chandler's folks got here out as a transgender girl, it was extra of a punchline than a factor to be pleased with.

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No longer simplest was once the transgender personality – performed by means of actress Kathleen Turner – joked about at each and every alternative, Chandler by no means even tried to cover his transphobia, steadily misgendering his guardian and cringing on the sight of her in a get dressed & make-up at his wedding ceremony.


It was once all the time a unusual pattern in sitcoms to fat-shame obese characters and comic story about their measurement. How I Met Your Mom did this steadily with the nature Patrice, following within the footsteps of Pals, who did the similar factor with one among its lead characters.

It is no secret Monica was once as soon as obese, normally observed in flashbacks to her teenage years. But if the only real goal of constructing a personality obese is solely to insult them or comic story about it, it is not precisely humorous, and no doubt now not one thing any respected tv display would do lately.

The Male Nanny

Who does not bear in mind “The One with the Male Nanny” from Season 9? The episode facilities round Ross and Rachel's seek for a nanny to look at Emma, and regardless of Freddie Prince Jr. enjoying a very good nanny who's cherished by means of Rachel, Ross had some severe problems with the location.

Ross makes transparent his dislike of getting a nanny who's male, going so far as to invite Prince's personality his sexual personal tastes, assuming he will have to be homosexual if he is a male nanny. The entire episode is problematic on Ross’ finish from begin to end, however no less than Rachel was once smartly with the days.

Unpleasant Bare Man

Regardless of his face by no means being proven on display screen, Unpleasant Bare Man is a memorable personality from the display. He is the person who lives within the development around the buddies’ signature condo and steadily walks round unclothed for the entire buddies to look from the massive bay window.

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The problem is not the nature, however the nickname given to him by means of the crowd. This verges on extra fat-shaming, as Phoebe as soon as admitted that “Unpleasant Bare Man” was adorable sooner than gaining weight, thus why he is now unpleasant. Even the usage of the phrase ‘unpleasant’ to explain any individual in 2022 is in dangerous style (because it was once within the 90's, for that subject).

The Immaturity Surrounding Breakfeeding

In a global filled with breastfeeding freedoms and Loose the Nipple campaigns, it is arduous to believe a time when one thing as gorgeous and herbal as breastfeeding was once ever a factor of disgust or discomfort.

Pals indisputably did not lend a hand the reason when Joey and Chandler merely could not deal with the sight of seeing Carol breastfeeding Ben. It's going to had been somewhat comprehensible for the 90's, however their immature reactions would not at all bode smartly on tv lately.

Ben's Dolls

As though Ross could not BE to any extent further sexist, he needed to move and whine about his infant son enjoying with Barbies. His masculinity problems are not simply implied when he makes an attempt to modify out Ben's Barbie for an motion determine, Ross actually instantly up says to Rachel, “Why is my boy enjoying with a Barbie?”

Between now not being allowed to play with dolls and his sister's male nanny fiasco, the volume of wear Ross more than likely did to Ben is sufficient to ship Cole Sprouse's personality to treatment for the remainder of his lifestyles.

Place of work Sexual Attack

Any form of sexual misconduct within the administrative center is not any giggling subject… until it is on Pals. Whilst running as a masseuse, Phoebe will get assaulted by means of a male consumer, a scene that is met with lots of guffaws from the target market.

Reasonably than addressing the problem of sexual attack within the administrative center when Phoebe tells her buddies in regards to the incident, it is disregarded to care for the extra urgent subject within the espresso store: the truth it was once Rachel's scorching boyfriend who dedicated the attack.

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