A streamer beat every mainline Assassin's Creed game without taking any damage


An Murderer's Creed streamer has controlled to reach the gorgeous spectacular feat of thrashing all mainline video games with out taking a unmarried bit of wear and tear.

Video video games are patently a breeding floor for problem, and in video games with well being, managing not to take a unmarried hit is surely some of the larger ones. Now, streamer and YouTuber Hayete Bahadori has been in a position to do exactly that, with all 12 mainline Murderer's Creed video games (thank you Kotaku).

Bahadori finished this months lengthy problem in April, importing the second one a part of his Murderer's Creed Valhalla run on April 11. There is an entirety playlist devoted to this adventure which you'll take a look at underneath, even though you'll be able to want to put aside a excellent chew of time. As all of the playlist runs for over 80 hours.

Unsurprisingly, that is a type of ‘there is a pandemic and I want one thing to do’ roughly scenarios, with Bahadori beginning out with Big name Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (which only recently had a sequel introduced). Talking to Kotaku, Bahadori stated that he enjoys video games that praise “stealth, subtlety, precision and more than a few approaches to a given situation.”

There have been, after all, particular restrictions in position. Clearly, every persona's well being bar could not fall underneath 100%, and the run began from the primary imaginable example of wear and tear. Reloads and restarts were not allowed for a gameplay get advantages both, and each and every run was once on the best issue, no less than from Origins onwards.

It was once additionally a glitchless run, and if Bahadori failed even one in every of his standards, he would restart the entire run. There have been some cases within the video games the place there was once pressured injury, so clearly that did not rely.

Bahadori additionally needed to do a little iterating to get every sport down proper, as it is not the type of factor you'll head into blind. And the streamer additionally has a daughter and engineering process, so he took a wreck from his common streaming time table to stop burnout, and in order that he may just spend time together with his daughter.

It is an excellent accomplishment, and Bahadori is even recently making plans a no-damage run for God of Battle (which could be June's headline PlayStation Plus sport). So obviously the combat is not over but.