Alice Morey at MEWO Kunsthalle


Refined yellow spores floating like lily pads in a lagoon of yogurt; curdled dairy separated into strata of vibrant turquoise blue; creamy rose rivulets coagulating at the aspects of glass vessels, giving upward thrust to condensation that collects above. From time to time we're drawn to the repellent. Such is the case with Alice Morey’s first institutional exhibition, “Conditioning Calls for,” during which the artist mixes pigments with probiotic micro organism to foster the expansion of mildew, proposing decay as a proxy for transformation.

The display’s eponymous set up contains six hand-blown glass receptacles placing from chains, framed via two painted silk curtains that billow in line with your frame as you go via. Inside of each and every bulbous vase is a canvas immersed in yogurt and powders of lapis lazuli, purple ochre, and malachite, amongst different minerals. A delicate smell of fermentation fills the air—colourful cultures breeding amid the metabolic motion of enzymes. The within sight portray Check One (Malachite) (all works 2022), displays the result of such experiments, its cavernulous inexperienced and chocolate floor a wealthy abstraction that conjures up mottled earth.

Different art work like A Map of Tenderness, 2022—an summary with a white horizon line dividing registers of washy brown and vibrant orange, with smatterings of blue and inexperienced—additionally conjure landscapes, whilst winking on the meditative introspection of Mark Rothko’s colour fields. Morey, alternatively, decenters the human, permitting closed ecosystems and their biochemical reactions to create their very own universe of microorganisms, coaxed into form via her hand. Such an intentional lack of overt authorial keep an eye on subverts the timeworn trope of the male genius to center of attention our consideration now not handiest on nonhuman bureaucracy, however on different chances for cultivating subjecthood. Morey thus conceives a portrait of the Brownian movement that underpins the combat for earthly life, the entire whilst renouncing the human vanity that set the Anthropocene in movement.