‘Blitzkrieg With the Meat Rifle’ + More Rammstein Translations


There are lots of issues that make Neue Deutsche Härte pioneers Rammstein singular and treasurable, comparable to their lovably provocative track movies and lavish costumes. (See: their clip for “Dicke Titten.”)

Above all else, although, it’s their mixture of foolish and severe lyrics that captures our hearts. Having touched upon the whole thing from biting social problems (“Amerika,” “Deutschland”) to specific fornication (“Pussy”) and real-life cannibalism (“Mein Teil”), Rammstein are masters of creative wordplay.

So, you'll best believe how a lot stranger issues can get while you convert sure expressions from the unique German to their English an identical.

The use of plenty of translators, we’ve found out 10 alterations which are specifically fun, startling or utterly nonsensical. Learn on to peer what we’ve discovered and tell us if there are some other standout examples.

Loudwire contributor Jordan Blum is a school English professor and creator of ‘Opeth: Each and every Album Each and every Music‘, ‘Dream Theater: Each and every Album Each and every Music‘ and ‘Jethro Tull: Each and every Album Each and every Music.’

‘Blitzkrieg With the Meat Rifle’ + 9 Different Strange Rammstein Lyric Translations

Get ready to be puzzled! And perhaps aroused…