Bloodstained Announces Surprising Crossover With Journey


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night time is getting a brand new crossover with… err… Adventure?

The award-winning 2012 journey sport has encouraged a brand new boss house in Bloodstained which will probably be added in Replace 1.4 on August 23, 2022.

“This new segment of the fort, The Tunnels, is encouraged through the imagery and stage design of Adventure, however with a Bloodstained twist,” reads an professional announcement. “Hidden at the back of a secret front, the Tunnels are massive and would require exploration and shard talents to navigate.”

Bloodstained x Adventure Crossover Screenshots

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night time was once introduced in 2019 – a Metroidvania that tells the tale of Miriam, a Shardbinder who was once forcibly fused with demonically charged crystals to attune her to the demon’s powers.

And it’s no longer the primary time we’ve observed Bloodstained crossover with different fashionable video games.

Previous this yr, Aurora from Kid of Mild made her debut in Bloodstained as a playable personality, and now it appears as despite the fact that the epic, sprawling journey of Adventure has made its method into the side-scrolling RPG.

After discovering the brand new house and preventing your method thru it, you’ll be faced through the extent’s Father or mother. Besting it'll praise you with a different, Adventure-inspired equippable merchandise… however there’s recently no phrase on what that in truth is.

It’s clearly vital for Adventure enthusiasts, no matter it's. However you’ll have to search out The Tunnels first.

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The brand new boss house will seem upon getting freed Gebel and unlocked the Den of Behemoths. In line with the Bloodstained crew, the room with the entrance resulting in The Tunnels will probably be marked at the fort map. Simply head to the highlighted house to start out your Adventure.

After all, there are a couple of trojan horse fixes in Replace 1.4 too – you'll in finding all of them right here.

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