BOMBSHELL: Evidence Shows Michigan Supreme Court Race in 2020 Was Flipped


The presentation in Otero County, New Mexico on Wednesday night time started with legal professional David Clements introducing the pros who had been concerned within the audit.

IT Skilled Jeffrey Lenberg subsequent shared the next issues to start the presentation of his crew’s audit of the election machines used within the county.

  • Election safety is sort of nonexistent. “The programs and the processes that exist are like swiss cheese.”
  • Professional V&V certifies balloting machines around the nation however does now not do a excellent process.   They don’t have the assets to.
  • Anywhere they went they gained full-fledged resistance when short of to take a look at the balloting programs.
  • Possibility-limiting audits are a facade in the way in which they’re being performed.
  • The password for Michigan and New Mexico balloting gadget get right of entry to used to be “123456” and you'll get right of entry to the entire administrative menus.  You'll pass in days after an election and upload ballots and regulate the time and print it out. This capacity must now not exist within the gadget.
  • Microsoft SQL instrument used to be present in Michigan, New Mexico and Arizona.  It does now not want to be there.  It may be accessed with none password and you've got “keys to the dominion”.  You'll anything else you wish to have with the knowledge and alter anything else you wish to have with SQL.
  • Transparency must be the place the whole lot is recorded.  The one position ballots may also be related to citizens is on the polling position.
  • In Maricopa County, Arizona, the entire poll containers had been unsealed once they had been supplied to the auditors.
  • In Maricopa County, there have been 263,000 corrupted pictures that had been additionally now not discussed through the auditors there.  (Biden used to be given the win through 10,000 votes.)
  • There have been 21,000 poll pictures lacking in Maricopa.
  • In New Mexico, they up to date that instrument that used to be qualified which is not sensible, and within the procedure deleted the 2020 undertaking document.
  • There used to be a pile of pink flags from the gadget audit paintings.

Michigan used worry techniques to intimidate the auditors.  The New Mexico Secretary of State did the similar to prevent audits of the machines within the state.

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The DHS claims the auditors looking to resolve the election procedure are enemies of the state.

On September third the entire jurisdictions will wreck all pieces associated with the 2020 Election.  This knowledge must be stored and now not destroyed.  As a result of pieces like the article in Michigan will have took place in all places.

Lenberg then shared this bombshell

In Michigan’s down-ballot 2020 Perfect Court docket Justice race 3 applicants out of 7 had been programmed otherwise within the election gadget.  Because of this, the courtroom modified from Republican to Democrat!

The treatment to handle that is to rely the entire ballots around the state and examine to the election effects.

No marvel the corrupt AG in Michigan goes after those guys.  Communists don’t like their crimes to be exposed.

Here's the audit document introduced this night through the election auditors in New Mexico.  The 2020 Election in New Mexico used to be a large number.

Otero County Audit Record through Jim Hoft on Scribd

Here's the video of the development.