Charlotte Johannesson at Hollybush Gardens


“THE TARGET IS DESTROYED”; “Reflex”; “International Rotation”; “Save As Artwork? Sure / No.” The phrases inscribed around the floor of Charlotte Johannesson’s paintings recommend a terrain divided into inventory words and coded traces. Within the abridged show of her paintings at Hollybush Gardens, composed of a large number of textile hangings, prints, and virtual slides, Johannesson items an image-world of jagged traces and pixelated icons, knotted in combination by way of thread and code. Basically operating between the loom and pc, Johannesson unearths a classy and technical resonance between the 2 machines, tracing the good judgment of the latter again to the previous. The tessellated patterns of landscapes, animals, and figures that regularly seem in her paintings migrate between media and mutate. A plotter print depicts a changed global map; a determine is split into bytes and stitched patterns; and as threads grasp and unfasten, the nice and cozy, comfortable contact of wool transforms into a call for participation to conspiracy.

Buying and selling in her loom for an Apple II within the past due Seventies, Johannesson and her spouse Sture Johannesson established the Virtual Theatre, Scandinavia’s first pc graphics studio. In the back of the gallery, a big display items a number of works of art made there on a timer, biking via imagery of serrated, harsh edges and 8-bit symbols. Via those renderings of virtual zones and coarse surfaces, Johannesson interprets the vicissitudes of a visible tradition that surrounds and swallows us. It's the construction of the grid this is brilliantly reproduced and idea via in her paintings, the grid into which we're all plugged.