EXCLUSIVE: National Archives and Media Caught in a Lie


The media is claiming that corrupt Barack Hussein Obama didn’t stay labeled paperwork after his Presidency.  It is a blatant lie.  We all know there have been paperwork Obama had that they wouldn’t surrender and there is not any technique to validate the corrupt media’s claims. 

President Trump shared on Friday that:

President Barack Hussein Obama saved 33 million pages of paperwork, a lot of them labeled. What number of of them pertained to nuclear? Phrase is, a lot!”

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The corrupt media pounced in this.  Some claimed that Obama did not anything improper.  That is very a lot not likely figuring out how horribly corrupt Obama and his gang had been and are.  Additionally, this wasn’t what President Trump stated.

The far-left AP driven extra liberal speaking issues and shared the next.  As though they've any proper to fact-check the rest.

CLAIM: Former President Barack Obama took 30 million paperwork, lots of them labeled, to Chicago upon leaving the White Area.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Obama management data are completely held and maintained by way of the Nationwide Archives and Information Management, the federal company showed on Friday. Tens of millions of unclassified paperwork had been transferred after Obama left place of business to a NARA facility in Chicago, however neither Obama’s non-public basis nor the ability set to deal with his presidential memorabilia have regulate over the ones papers.

The AP misstated President Trump’s declare.  The President didn’t percentage that Obama “took” paperwork, he shared Obama “saved” paperwork and lots of of them had been labeled.

In addition they didn’t deal with whether or not the paperwork Obama saved pertained to nuclear.  It once more seems that the corrupt Obama gang and the left-leaning media are projecting onto President Trump some corrupt motion that the corrupt Democrat politicians in DC include.

Just like the Russia collusion rubbish used to be used towards President Trump, Hillary made tens of millions from Russia on Uranium One on my own.

Like hookers peeing on beds within the now utterly debunked Steele file created by way of Hillary’s goons, the individual taping hookers and medicine all over the world used to be Hunter Biden.

Circumstances like this by no means forestall.

We all know Obama saved labeled paperwork when he left the White Area since the NSC wouldn’t satisfy a request to show over Susan Rice’s unmasking paperwork that had been moved to his library.

The truth that they may no longer be simply received signifies they had been labeled.  The truth they had been moved to Obama’s “library” and in line with the above, signifies that the Nationwide Archives withheld data beneath their regulate throughout the Trump years which used to be most probably against the law! 

BREAKING: NSC Received’t Satisfy Subpoena Request For Susan Rice Unmasking Paperwork – The Information Have been Moved to Obama Library

We additionally know that Obama refused to stay laborious copies in his library – the entirety used to be to be digitized.  Additionally, no archivists had been there to supervise the digitization of Obama’s paperwork whilst he used to be President.  So there is not any technique to inform whether or not Obama didn’t have labeled paperwork within the paperwork he saved after his corrupt presidency. 

We additionally know that at the moment the New York Instances reported that the Nationwide Archives isn't overseeing Obama’s library in step with the next:

And all of the advanced, together with the museum chronicling Mr. Obama’s presidency, can be run by way of the root, a non-public nonprofit entity, quite than by way of the Nationwide Archives and Information Management, the federal company that administers the libraries and museums for all presidents going again to Herbert Hoover.

The Obama Presidential Library That Isn’t – Obama’s Paper Information Will Be Digitized With ZERO Archivists on Web page

So if the Nationwide Archives oversaw Obama’s library paperwork like they now declare, then they most probably dedicated against the law in no longer offering them when subpoenaed.  In the event that they don’t oversee Obama’s paperwork just like the New York Instances reported in 2019, then they're mendacity. 

Which is it and may somebody make a declare that Obama’s paperwork in his library don’t include labeled data with out having a look on the paperwork themselves which most probably no person has ever executed?