Fibrous Kale, Broccoli, and Beans Grow From Incredibly Realistic Three-Dimensional Embroideries


All photographs © Konekono Kitsune, shared with permission

A glimpse into Konekono Kitsune’s workspace in Tokyo most probably resembles a farmer’s marketplace stand greater than a fiber studio. The usage of numerous layers of thread and the occasional felt base, the artist stitches curly kale, collard vegetables, and different fare that endure a putting likeness to their real-life opposite numbers: dense tufts in inexperienced shape broccoli florets, a vast bean pod splits open to expose a cushy downy within, and tight rows line the undulating floor of a candy potato.

In a notice to Colossal, Konekono Kitsune stocks that their grandmother often embroidered, even if they simply started operating within the medium a couple of years in the past. “I’m no longer a farmer, and I’m no longer in particular excellent at cooking. I came about to embroider greens and were given satisfied. Embroidery threads are nice for expressing vegetable fibers,” they are saying.

For extra of the artist’s produce-based works, seek advice from Instagram.