Glup Shitto, the best (fake) Star Wars character, explained


Replace (Would possibly 31, 2022): Jokes about Glup Shitto have returned, because of the transient look of Wookiee Jedi Padawan Gungi in a trailer for The Dangerous Batch season 2. Gungi first seemed in Megastar Wars’ animated collection The Clone Wars, so his go back to the Megastar Wars highlight naturally introduced a brand new wave of Glup Shitto birthday party and dialogue. Our authentic Glup Shitto explainer is under.

Wat Tambor. Wullf Yularen. Plo Koon. Those are some Megastar Wars guys that I do know. I in truth know numerous Megastar Wars guys, which is why I used to be stunned that I had by no means heard of Glup Shitto. And but it’s a reputation I stay seeing on-line, in social media handles and discussions of The Mandalorian. I've now realized the entirety there's to learn about Glup Shitto.

Like the entire absolute best issues in Megastar Wars, Glup Shitto isn't canonical. He sprung from the thoughts of Tumblr consumer gomjabbar on September 3, 2020, within the following submit:

each and every time a brand new Megastar Battle film or display is introduced the entire enthusiasts are like “OMG Glup Shitto is again ”

For the reason that submit first seemed, Megastar Wars as a franchise has had a number of Glup Shitto moments. The meme has taken off accordingly. In spite of everything, other people like me who watched the entire Clone Wars and Megastar Wars Rebels cartoons may have their day within the solar, with characters from the ones presentations and different Megastar Wars by-product houses shooting up in The Mandalorian and in Disney’s upcoming slate of Megastar Wars presentations.

It was once that I'd just nook other people at events and lecture them about Grand Admiral Thrawn, receiving little greater than a glassy-eyed stare and a hole promise that my dialog spouse would take a look at Clone Wars “someday.” However now once I do this, I may even see a flicker of popularity of their eyes, as a result of Thrawn is a routine persona with a tentative foot in a well-liked display.

Nobody ever truly needs to try Clone Wars. I imply, I didn’t both, to start with. It begins sluggish, and it remains sluggish for a very long time. There are quite a lot of lists on-line of the most productive episodes, however they all struggle, as a result of there are related and emotionally resonant tidbits in all of the episodes, blanketed in a wash of dull stuff that doesn’t to find its footing till neatly into season 2 (or later, relying on who you ask). Megastar Wars Rebels has higher pacing from the soar, however its absolute best moments don’t land when you haven’t watched Clone Wars. It’s tricky to persuade your reasonable grownup Megastar Wars fan that the most productive Megastar Wars stuff is buried in a display this is in line with the prequels, of all issues, and whose goal demographic skews truly younger, even by way of Megastar Wars requirements. It additionally strikes so slowly that I don’t even assume Kid Me would have had the endurance for it. Best essentially the most cussed Megastar Wars fan would trouble.

However I’ve held onto those more unusual corners of Megastar Wars on this post-Upward thrust of Skywalker global. I be expecting mainstream Megastar Wars to let me down in this day and age, by way of simplifying the collection’ most complex and unnerving facets into one thing more secure, and oftentimes stupider. In the meantime, the books, cartoons, comics, and video video games can get into more unusual, sillier stuff — in addition to subject matters and concepts that problem the Megastar Wars established order. The lid turns out a little looser on those fringe houses, and that’s the place the great things — the Glup Shitto of all of it — can shine thru.

Glup Shitto is most commonly only a a laugh funny story about how Megastar Wars names sound like garbled nonsense. However to me, no less than, he’s a illustration of the odd stubbornness of a undeniable sector of Megastar Wars enthusiasts, within the face of a franchise that has been painfully hit and miss for the previous twenty years. The crying emojis within the authentic submit sum all of it up, truly. Glup Shitto is again. Megastar Wars is just right once more, however handiest in an especially discrete and difficult to understand approach, one you need to dig to discover and in reality perceive.

I’m now not a Megastar Wars fan. Now not anymore. I’m simply right here for Glup Shitto.