How devastating will it be if boxing remains out of the 2028 Olympics?


A crisis looms at the horizon for Olympic boxing, however it's going to have an effect on the entire game

Paul Edwards
Best beginner teacher

It breaks my center even to take into accounts it. I am hoping it will get taken care of for the sake of all of the beginner boxing gyms and most of these youngsters. Each child’s function in reality after they get started boxing is to take a look at to get to the Olympics. So if that’s off there’s going to be quite a few desires shattered.

Paul Smith
Former British champion

Boxing has nobody responsible however itself. I’ve been excited by boxing for 30 years and feature noticed the corruption and incompetence at each and every stage. Perhaps boxing being off the Olympic programme could be the get up name had to totally reform the sport and make beginner boxing truthful.

Paul In a position
Boxing supervisor

It could be catastrophic if there is not any Olympics. Partially as a result of the calibre of athletes it produces. I feel as a country we hang our Olympians in prime esteem. I feel it might be a disaster for boxing.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

Vastly. With out the Olympics to try for boxers will spend much less time within the beginner code, flip skilled with much less enjoy and skill and the usual of professional boxing will drop. And the profile of the game can even undergo with out the status of the Video games. It’s a crisis ready to occur.

Boxing’s Olympic nightmare rolls on