Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey movie review (2022)


A wealth of former FLDS individuals paint a aggravating image of the church's way of living; speaking head interviews assist us roughly perceive the groupthink brainwashing that used to make sense of this way of living, their stories then every now and then recreated with grainy movie reenactments. We pay attention from one in every of Warren Jeffs’ brothers, (of the 30-plus brothers Jeffs has), and the husbands who participated in polygamy and now take a seat in armchairs with one in every of their other halves. The collection’ heroes are without a doubt the brave ladies like Elissa, Rebecca, Alison, and Ruby amongst others, who helped talk out in opposition to the church, after experiencing their very own devastating realizations about what used to be if truth be told going down to them at such younger ages. As one particular person says, phrases like “rape” weren't even of their vocabulary, despite the fact that that used to be what they had been experiencing. 

It’s all frightening, sickening, monstrously anxious stuff. And “Stay Candy” repeats that trifecta of emotions right through, all with a tale that isn’t about some elaborate scheme, however the upholding of such a lot of establishments and ideologies, put to their extremes. And that trifecta may be what makes the collection appear restricted in having a particular goal; it’s the primary, consistent takeaway even if it main points one thing new, like a cryptic video about how ladies have to elaborately braid their hair, or looking at youngsters sing some form of hymn that touts the theory of “stay candy” (a skin-crawling motto from Warren's father Rulon for his fans and line of other halves). 

The tone of the collection, its most complex function, is helping display that this saga has a extra sophisticated presence of gentle than simply all the darkness of such horror. Inside the tales of Jeffs’ insidious acts, the collection additionally instills a way of loving bonds between oldsters and their youngsters, or of romantic relationships that began in parallel to different relationships of abuse and statutory rape. Some other folks in reality discovered love, despite the fact that the neighborhood, and the kids, had been at all times being manipulated by way of no matter Jeffs sought after. It provides a tougher air to its never-before-seen footage and residential movies, the place the numerous smiling faces and pastel clothes of younger FLDS women are by no means now not ominous and cultish. However you imagine that during the ones moments, the promise of salvation crammed their souls and made sense of the entirety else.