Lethargic Sleepyheads Loaf in Pajamas in Ikuo Inada’s Meticulous and Contemplative Sculptures



#ikuo inada

August 18, 2022

Kate Mothes

“Evening by way of Evening.” All photographs © Ikuo Inada, shared with permission, courtesy of Medel Gallery Shu

Embodying the bleary-eyed feeling of an early morning, insomnia, or an extended, lazy day at house, artist Ikuo Inada’s meditative sculptures personify sleepiness. The Eastern artist’s meticulously carved, real looking figures grasp feather pillows, envelop themselves in comforters, or stand drowsily in cushy hoodies. His ambiguous topics, incessantly half-hidden in a sweatshirt or a blanket, are most often between one and 3 ft tall and carved from a unmarried block of wooden, permitting the herbal grain to enrich the delicately chiseled hem of a blouse, a drawstring, and narrow hands and feet. Influenced by way of the expressive wrinkles and folds of Renaissance carvings, the sculptures crystalize relatable, emotional moments of solitude.

Inada’s paintings will likely be exhibited at Artwork Taipei with Medel Gallery Shu from October 21 to 24. You'll be able to additionally in finding extra on his website online and Instagram.


“Go away Me By myself”

Left: “A Cramped Day.” Proper: “I’m Nonetheless Right here”

“Such A Evening”

Left: “The entirety at Evening.” Proper: “Evening Falls IV”

Element of “Go away Me By myself”

“Evening Head,” resin and acrylic


#ikuo inada


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