Most-Replayed Scenes From the 20 Most Popular Rock + Metal Videos


Song movies was a miles larger deal than they're now, and there are some songs that can at all times be related to the movies that had been put out with them. Some had been extra performance-based, others had been cinematic and had fascinating storylines.

A couple of months in the past, YouTube introduced a brand new function referred to as “Maximum-Replayed,” which lets in audience to actually see the scenes in movies which have been performed over and over again probably the most. It is displayed as a grey graph that looks above the crimson timeline while you scroll via a video. The upper the height within the graph, the extra perspectives that individual phase has gained, however the only with the absolute best collection of replays will display the phrases “most-replayed” while you scroll via it. This has transform a in reality fascinating function to make use of, as it presentations audience what the preferred a part of both the video or the track is.

We needed to bring together a gallery of the most-replayed scenes from the preferred rock and steel movies. One consumer on YouTube comfortably curated a playlist of the most-viewed rock and steel tune movies already, so we went via and took screenshots of the most-replayed portions from each and every of the ones movies.

Alternatively, there have been a couple of parameters we adopted when striking the effects in combination. At the start, the playlist featured a few movies from a number of artists, so we simplest used the preferred one from each and every in order that there would not be multiples from Weapons N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park and so forth.

Secondly, if the real “most-replayed” scene used to be the very starting of the video, as within the first few seconds, we used our judgement to pick out the second one most-viewed scene in order that it would not simply be stuffed with intros.

Test it out beneath. We additionally integrated the time stamps of each and every scene beneath the photographs.

The Maximum-Replayed Scenes From the 20 Maximum Standard Rock + Steel Movies

Those are the scenes you stay observing over and over again.

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