Pokemon Go Zamazenta Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours, And More Tips


Zamazenta will quickly be coming again to a Pokemon Pass Health club close to you for a limited-time look in five-star raid battles. This Mythical Pokemon returns after an extended absence at the side of Pokemon Pass’s Pokemon International Championship match. We haven’t noticed Zamazenta in raids in Pokemon Opt for a couple of yr because it and Zacian have been to start with launched, so new avid gamers, and those that may well be getting back from a damage, are most likely in a position to fight the Warrior Pokemon and upload it to their collections. Veterans additionally give you the chance to earn extra Sweet and Sweet XL to energy up those they are going to have already got.

Zamazenta Raid Agenda

Zamazenta will seem as a five-star raid boss beginning 10 AM native time on August 18, and can stay in five-star raids till the similar time on August 31, however it'll be sharing that spot with its “sibling” Zacian. Raids don't normally apply a collection time table, and Zamazenta raids will seem randomly at Gyms all over the world throughout this period of time, however you're going to obtain a notification from the sport when a raid is ready to start out within sight.

Your absolute best likelihood to discover a Zamazenta raid (or numerous them) is throughout the Raid Hours through which Zamazenta shall be completely featured. Each Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM native time, the vast majority of Gyms host five-star raids for Running shoes to paintings in combination to take down. There are two raid hours happening throughout Zamazenta’s keep in raids, however simplest the second on August 31 will characteristic Zamazenta (August 24’s raid hour will completely characteristic [Zacian](insert hyperlink to Zacian information)). As all the time, you’ll want your unfastened day by day Raid Cross or a Top rate Struggle Cross to sign up for a raid in individual, or a Faraway Raid Cross to sign up for a raid remotely.

Can I Catch a Glossy Zamazenta?

In spite of this being Zamazenta’s 2d time being featured in five-star raids in Pokemon Pass, its glossy shape continues to be now not to be had. This will make some Running shoes come to a decision to attend till its inevitable glossy unlock someday someday, however that is nonetheless a superb opportunity to earn Sweet and Sweet XL so that you can energy up any of the Zamazenta you will have stuck.

Zamazenta Weaknesses and Counters

Zamazenta is a Preventing-type Pokemon. This implies it's susceptible to Psychic, Flying and Fairy-type assaults. Some advisable Pokemon come with:

  • Psychic: Mewtwo, Mega Latios, Hoopa Unbound, Alakazam
  • Flying: Mega Pidgeot, Moltres, Honchkrow, Staraptor
  • Fairy: Gardevoir, Togekiss, Sylveon

A Mega Tip: A Mega Developed Pokemon boosts the wear and tear of all Pokemon within the raid by means of 10%, and the wear and tear of all Pokemon the use of assaults that percentage a sort with the Mega Developed Pokemon by means of 30%. Coordinate the ones Megas along with your raid staff for extra injury. Be aware: Mega Altaria boosts your allies’ Fairy-type assaults, however as a result of its defensively-oriented stats and loss of a Fairy-type speedy transfer, it received’t give a contribution a lot injury of its personal.

Don’t be terrified of the shadows: Shadow Pokemon deal 20% extra injury than their non-shadow opposite numbers, so the shadow variations of any of the advised Pokemon that experience them allow you to win.

Sorts to Keep away from

Zamazenta’s Preventing-type assaults like Shut Battle will deal super-effective injury to Darkish, Metal, Rock, Ice, and Customary-type Pokemon, and different strikes like Crunch may give it protection towards the Psychic sorts which can be generally sturdy towards it. Additionally understand that Preventing-type Pokemon like Zamazenta face up to Darkish, Computer virus, and Rock-type assaults. Avoid these kinds of Pokemon.


Will have to you raid Zamazenta past registering it to your Pokédex? Zamazenta lacks a Preventing-type speedy transfer, that means it's most commonly outclassed by means of different Preventing-type Pokemon as a raid attacker that may deal out extra constant Preventing-type injury like Machamp and Lucario. Zamazenta additionally has any other shape, the Topped Protect shape, which can most likely get launched in Pokemon Pass someday someday. This type will get even higher stats, positive aspects the secondary Metal typing, and will have a special moveset that would make it extra helpful in raids. Zamazenta can’t be encountered at a low sufficient CP to be eligible for Nice League, and doesn’t carry out really well in Extremely League, but it surely does have some area of interest play in Grasp League. It’s not at all a need to have one, however its flexible arsenal of charged transfer and large power technology from Snarl can throw off unsuspecting fighters.

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