Producer Guy Schmidt Genre Bends In Anticipated Dark Retro Vibe Single “Acid Rain”


Man Schmidt is an American song manufacturer and recording artist recognized for his signature lo-fi/EDM sound that delves deep into the artist’s psyche. With a pianist mom and a guitarist father, musicality ran deep within the circle of relatives, and inventive expression was once inspired.

Together with his expected unencumber to observe his a hit unencumber of “THE BOY AND THE MOON” EP, “Acid Rain,” Man Schmidt radiates continuous ingenious chemistry spearheading the document with an energizing mix of 80’s Dance nostalgic EDM.

Musically, Shmidt has persisted to influence clear of the mainstream norm and experiment with other sounds starting from antique tape machines and analog synthesizers. In terms of sharing recommendation on his musical luck, Schmidt provides,

“Be pleased with the power and motivation to stay going & having the similar love for the artwork you produce. Not anything can evaluate to that. Be sure to keep energetic and provides it your all as a result of if you don't, it’ll be approach more difficult to get to the place you want if being an artist is your dream.”

The prestigious musician is dedicated to the usage of his platform to foster solidarity and emit a favorable message to these round him. Being mindful of song’s tough skill on listeners, he’s trustworthy to making sure that his paintings is remembered for its certain impact on folks’s lives.