Read an excerpt from Glacier’s Edge, R.A. Salvatore’s new Drizzt novel


Dungeons & Dragons’ maximum liked drow, Drizzt Do’Urden, is again in R.A. Salvatore’s newest novel. Glacier’s Edge is the second one guide within the Approach of the Drow collection, and it selections up the place Starlight Enclave left off in 2021. In it, fan-favorite characters Catti-brie, Jarlaxle, Artemis Entreri, and Zaknafein come throughout a society of drow in contrast to any prior to now found out within the Forgotten Nation-states. Polygon is proud to give this unique excerpt.

On Aug. 9, the radical started delivery from on-line shops and unbiased booksellers national — together with signed copies to be had at Barnes & Noble.

They entered a large lane of taverns and brothels, some free-standing building, others carved into stalagmites, and nonetheless others not more than partitions of material rarely shielding the actions inside.

Dininae knew this position from the times when he have been known as Dinin, at the moment the Secondboy of Area Do’Urden. He had come right here ceaselessly to play, to gamble, to combat – the rest to damage the monotony of his lifestyles because the lowest noble of Matron Malice’s court docket. The Braeryn appeared quieter now to him, and slightly somewhat. To start with, he figured that because of fresh occasions— the march to the skin, the brewing troubles, and the conflict with the demon hordes that have been fought right here in Menzoberranzan only some years under—however as he and Voselly persisted their stroll, he discovered that no, that wasn’t it in any respect.

The cabinets have been stocked, racks of grimy glasses piled on the finish of each bar.

Which intended this wasn’t an indication of decline. No, this present day, this second, the road was once unusually empty.

He did see a couple of buyers and possible shoppers, some leaning at the bars, some status with the prostitutes as though placing a discount, a pair pitching bones in a small alley between two stalagmites that comprised a unmarried tavern. However they have been all so unnatural at it he didn’t assume them conventional denizens of the Stenchstreets. He appeared for insignia, and famous from the delicate revelations in their armor and guns that those weren't the downtrodden of Menzoberranzan, no.

The full art, showing the title and the series to which it belongs.

Symbol: Harper Voyager

But he noticed no area markings, no logos or crests.

And that made it worse.

“Are you on the able?” he whispered to his significant other.

“After all. You notice it, too?”

“I depend six.”

“No less than 8.”

“Ah sure, my favourite quantity, or so I used to be advised from the instant of my delivery,” Dininae answered.

“Take middle, we’ve pals about,” Voselly advised him. “We'd like simplest hang our floor for a twinkling of an eye.”

“Except in addition they have pals close by.”

Voselly stopped and half-turned, smirking down at him. She was once about to mention one thing, Dininae was once about to shout one thing, when she all at once spun about, bringing her trident sweeping throughout, angled downward with nice pressure, using apart a sword stabbing for her again. Her attacker overbalanced and fell ahead simply sufficient for Voselly to roll her shoulders and release a devastating appropriate go that crunched into her attacker’s face and snapped his head again viciously.

He was once absolutely subconscious earlier than he hit the bottom.

Dininae had watched each motion, the sweep and the pretty manner Voselly had dropped her left shoulder again, necessarily “throwing” the correct hand together with her left shoulder, leading to one of these lengthy and really devastating punch.

He silently reminded himself by no means to anger this lady, however that was once at all times he needed to imagine the rest instead of the combat, which now got here at him rapid within the type of a couple of younger males, or extra pointedly, in a remaining barrage of 4 waving and stabbing swords.

So fast was once his draw that Dininae’s swords appeared to merely seem in his fingers, simply as Zaknafein had taught him, drawing and stabbing in a novel motion. His opponent to the correct grew to become and slapped a sword throughout to deflect, however the different one had now not expected the surprising assault and stuck Dininae’s left-hand blade appropriate on the tip of his breastplate, the place it slid up and jabbed into his throat.

Dininae would have completed him, would have just about decapitated him, apart from that the opposite attacker was once already countering with a backhand sweep together with his blockading blade, forcing Dininae to fall again and switch rapid to carry his left-hand blade slashing throughout to intercept.

He had one out of the combat briefly no less than, stumbling and gagging and falling off to the facet, however every other enemy leaped into the void and pressed ahead fiercely, forcing Dininae again on his heels, his two swords running furiously to stay the 4 stabbing blades at bay.

Paintings for the rhythm, he advised himself silently.

Zaknafein’s litany.

Paintings for the rhythm, fall into the float of the fight, uncover the inclinations of your fighters. So Dininae did, and he was once slightly happy with himself as he held his floor, expecting every assault and deflecting, parrying, riposting, even, or keeping off with a easy twist. In any case of the ones years as a drider, he was once nonetheless residing as much as Zaknafein’s coaching, and residing as much as the compliments Voselly had simply put upon him.

His surprise broke him from that rhythm and that self belief when he sensed one thing coming arduous for his head from in the back of.

Reflexively, he simply folded his legs beneath him and dropped to his knees, tucking his chin, as neatly, and bracing himself.

However the missile – which was once if truth be told every other enemy drow warrior – went over him, falling over the 2 attackers, who attempted arduous to not stab their deficient flailing comrade within the collision.

With however a handy guide a rough appreciative look again at a guffawing Voselly, Dininae sprang up and ahead. He stabbed the thrown drow first, appropriate within the kidney, and as that guy crumbled in ache, Dininae blew previous him, over him, seizing the initiative and using again the 2 attackers. He deftly hired an inside-out collection of thrusts together with his left-hand stabs, transferring his hand in shut and to his appropriate hip and launching the assaults from there to pressure the stumbling, off-balance drow to transport out wider.

A last thrust despatched the drow skipping again 3 strides, and Dininae grew to become absolutely at the drow to the correct, blades rolling now as though to easily overpower the guy.

Aside from, no, for Dininae broke nearly in an instant to return out rapid to the left, the place that drow was once charging, clearly believing that Dininae absolutely concerned with the opposite. The attacker got here in with an offensive stance, one blade prime, the opposite too some distance ahead.

Dininae were given previous the end of that blade simply, and were given his left arm up prime, blade horizontal to scouse borrow the chop of the drow’s raised sword.

Those weren't houseless rogues. They wore nice armor.

However Dininae wielded Baenre swords, and with the momentum of each opponents bringing them rapid in combination, that nice breastplate slightly slowed the thrust of Dininae’s right-hand blade.

The drow stopped rapid, contorting weirdly.

Dininae stepped again, shedding his left shoulder to ship his loose sword slicing out arduous in the back of him to stick the frenzy of the remainder fighter, whilst his appropriate foot went as much as the impaled drow’s chest and driven off arduous, sending Dininae out and right into a roll and throwing the mortally-wounded attacker stumbling again and toppling over the primary warrior Dininae had dispatched.

A flicker to the correct had Dininae snapping his sword up, and simply in time to deflect a handcrossbow quarrel.

He appeared all about, seeing drow flooding into the road, and in the beginning pondering a military had come towards him and Voselly.

However no, all these have been Blaspheme warriors, the guy former driders, he discovered. He appeared to a smiling Voselly.

“They’ve been shadowing us?” he requested.

“I advised you we had pals,” she answered.

“You didn’t say they have been shadowing us.”

The warrior shrugged. “Most likely I sought after to substantiate that which was once advised to me, and which I was hoping to be true.”

“That I will be able to combat?”

“Sure, and in all probability you are going to quickly to find consider in me to inform me the reality about Dininae. You're no commoner. You aren't self-taught within the arts martial. You attended the Academy and have been educated by way of a weapon grasp.”

She quieted as every other massive drow lady walked up, every other of the Blaspheme pressure who had spent millennia within the Abyss with Lolth and her fellow torturers.

“What have you learnt, Aleandra?” Voselly requested.

“Your ambushers are fleeing.”

“Allow them to cross.”

She nodded. “Sure, I gave the order already. However there's one different, a priestess of Area Hunzrin. She needs to retrieve those enemies who've fallen, to generally tend them that they are going to now not die.”

“Why does she care? Are those murderers of Area Hunzrin?”



“She didn't say, however my bet is Area Melarn, in fact.”

“So Area Hunzrin is making an attempt to play a mediation position right here and keep away from a conflict,” Voselly reasoned. She appeared round on the 5 fallen ambushers, the place just one, skewered by way of Dininae, gave the look to be in mortal risk.

“Have her come and heal that one,” Voselly made up our minds. “And do with him as she's going to. The others include us again to Area Baenre. I'd now not overstep my authority right here. Let the Matron Mom Quenthel Baenre make a decision their destiny.”

Aleandra rushed away and started barking orders, whilst Voselly led Dininae again the best way they'd come.

“It was once my kill,” he mentioned to her as they moved off. “You didn't assume the disposition of the fallen warrior must be my selection?”

“No,” she replied merely. “I used to be as soon as weapon grasp of the First Area of Menzoberranzan. You're however a commoner, so you are saying. Why would I care what you sought after?”

Dininae stopped and let her transfer a couple of steps forward of him, and stood there with fingers on hips till she grew to become again.

“You imply to play the similar video games that made up our minds our mutual fates in instances previous?” he requested.

“Your phrases have penalties. When I will be able to consider you, I can admire you.”

“As a result of I'm a noble, you consider?”

“As a result of you are going to now not be mendacity to me. Don't misunderstand me, warrior. I'm as worried as you referring to our disposition on this battle, and referring to our long term, if we also have one. We're the Blaspheme, so they've made up our minds. We're Matron Mom Baenre’s surprise infantrymen, her fodder. She is going to throw us towards her enemies, unquestionably, and can shed no tears once we are torn aside.”

“Or Lolth will disclose her funny story and revert us to a state of abomination,” Dininae answered, admitting his inner most concern.

“It has crossed my thoughts. And because of this I intend to carry the Blaspheme tightly in combination underneath my command. Right here or again within the Abyss, we stand in combination or we are facing torment – and precise demise provided that we're lucky. However I love individuals who inform me the reality, Dininae.”

She almost spat his sobriquet.

He didn’t wish to go Voselly. He truly didn’t wish to go Matron Mom Baenre. And maximum of all, he didn’t wish to transform a pawn within the grand scheming of the Demon Queen of Spiders.

However in any case, he was once a Do’Urden, Elderboy Dinin Do’Urden, and on this maximum complicated and threatening time, he merely couldn’t discern how that fact would play.