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My Time at Sandrock has seven male characters and 7 feminine characters that may be romanced, and every particular person has other likes and dislikes.

There are fourteen female and male characters that may be romanced in My Time at Sandrocok. Each persona, without reference to whether or not or now not they are romanceable, has likes and dislikes that can be utilized to determine what presents will building up the connection. Many of the romanceable characters may also be known by means of opening the menu and going to the social tab. The prospective marriage applicants will have to have a middle icon on their profile. Alternatively, since the sport continues to be in Early Get entry to, now not each and every romanceable persona has a middle icon.

These days, there are 14 characters that may be romanced within the Early Get entry to model of My Time at Sandrock, however 17 had been showed for the sport's complete liberate. Burgess, Miguel, and Pen are all male characters that can sooner or later grow to be romanceable, however the way to get started a courting with them hasn't been added but. There can also be further romance choices added prior to the entire liberate. These days, there are seven male and 7 feminine characters to romance.


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Each and every persona will react to proficient pieces another way as a result of all of them have likes and dislikes. Romanceable NPCs additionally love and hate positive pieces, so avid gamers will have to make a choice their presents sparsely. Virtually each and every persona likes to obtain water, so avid gamers can present it to them if they are undecided what to present. Pieces {that a} persona likes or loves definitely have an effect on the connection, however presents which can be disliked may have a unfavourable have an effect on. Along side pieces like jewellery, furnishings, and even fish in My Time at Sandrock, avid gamers too can earn +1 to any courting by means of talking to NPCs as soon as an afternoon.

Male Romance Choices In My Time At Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Romance Guide Likes Love & Dislikes Male Characters
  • Arvio: Arvio turns out to like lavish pieces like Golden Candlesticks, Diamonds, or Jeweled Eggs, however he additionally likes iron gear or guns, leather-based belts, and different equipment. Giving Arvio pieces he dislikes, equivalent to scraps or ruined fabrics, will harm the connection.
  • Ernest: Ernest was once added as a romanceable persona for achieving a Kickstarter function. His likes and dislikes are these days unknown, however avid gamers will have the ability to chat with Ernest and provides him water to extend the connection.
  • Fang: In My Time at Sandrock, to extend Fang's courting gauge, avid gamers can provide him Ruined Material, Glass, or Paper, in addition to Meals Scraps, Steamed Candy Potatoes, Egg Custard, and different meals pieces. Fang does now not like receiving another more or less scrap.
  • Justice: Justice enjoys receiving bronze or iron guns and tool, in addition to Explorer clothes. Avid gamers will have to keep away from giving Justice any more or less stone weapon, in addition to dilapidated or ruined pieces.
  • Owen: Like maximum romanceable characters, Owen dislikes scraps and dilapidated pieces. Avid gamers can provide Owen cooking pieces like a Spice Rack or Copper Pot. He additionally likes Explorer garments, Leather-based Gloves, Animal Pores and skin Carpets, and different high quality pieces.
  • Qi: Maximum science-related pieces may also be given to Qi to extend the connection gauge, equivalent to a Techno Desk, Rusty Robotic, Knowledge Disc, or any style. Qi has numerous dislikes, together with vegetation, scraps, minerals, and just about the rest that is not technology-based.
  • Unsuur: Unsuur likes sources that may be mined in My Time at Sandrock, equivalent to Diamonds, Opals, Amber, Magnesium Ore, and maximum minerals. There aren't any dislikes these days recognized for Unsuur, so any merchandise now not integrated in his likes may have a impartial impact, awarding as much as a +4 courting building up.

Feminine Romance Choices In My Time At Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Romance Guide Likes Love & Dislikes Female Characters
  • Amirah: Avid gamers can provide Amirah statues, gems, clothes, and furnishings pieces. Amirah dislikes scraps, gear, guns, and animal-related pieces.
  • Catori: Catori enjoys receiving jewellery, statues, and decorations, equivalent to an Armor Show, DNA Type, or Potted Plant. Scraps, ruined pieces, and guns may have a unfavourable have an effect on at the courting with Catori.
  • Elsie: Elsie loves Desolate tract Defender equipment, fireworks, and any more or less animal, together with Glossy Scorpions in My Time at Sandrock. As is the case with maximum characters, Elsie dislikes scraps and low-quality pieces.
  • Grace: Maximum pieces associated with meals or cooking may also be given to Grace to strengthen the connection. Scraps and ruined pieces will have to be have shyed away from for Grace.
  • Heidi: Heidi likes receiving high quality gear, jewellery, and seafood. Avid gamers too can present decorations equivalent to Potted Crops, Unfashionable Lovers, and Sublime furnishings to Heidi. Scraps and ruined pieces will harm the connection.
  • Jane: Jane was once added as a romanceable persona for achieving a Kickstarter function. Her likes and dislikes are these days unknown, however avid gamers will have the ability to chat with Jane and provides her water to extend the connection.
  • Mi-an: Explorer and Rescue Crew garments, in addition to maximum gear and minerals, may also be proficient to Mi-an to strengthen the connection. Mi-an is sad when receiving scraps or ruined pieces, like lots of the characters in My Time at Sandrock.

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My Time at Sandrock is to be had on Steam in Early Get entry to.

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