SHOCKING NEW VIDEO RELEASED – Won't Make It Into Liz Cheney's Kangaroo Committee Hearing –


The extremely expected documentary “The Fact About January sixth” premiered Monday on The Gateway Pundit! This groundbreaking documentary accommodates never-before-seen photos of and observation on January sixth.

Watch the movie HERE and percentage to get out the reality about January sixth!

This movie is ancient within the reality it used to be co-produced and narrated via January sixth Political Prisoner Jake Lang from solitary confinement. Lang is arguably one of the persecuted January sixth defendants and political prisoners in The united states these days.

The documentary starts with Lang’s tough narration:

TRENDING: Unique: “THE TRUTH ABOUT JANUARY sixth” Documentary Premieres Lately on The Gateway Pundit! Narrated via Political Prisoner Jake Lang from Within Solitary Confinement! MUST WATCH!

“The united states, you deserve the reality. You deserve the entire tale. You need to view the historical match of January sixth past the censored lens of mainstream media. Hi, I’m Jake Lang- a 27-year-old political prisoner that has been locked up in solitary confinement for over 17 months. The photos you're about to witness hasn't ever earlier than been considered via the general public. It's the uncooked and uncut fact of January sixth. The day when loose women and men stood unarmed towards tyranny- who have been brutalized, beat, or even murdered at the steps of our personal Capitol. The patriotic match of the century- the place courageous American citizens got here in combination to protect the Charter and loose and honest elections.”

“Lang has balls of metal,” mentioned Tina Ryan of Electorate Towards Political Persecution. “He's actually going through virtually part a century in jail for January sixth and being harshly persecuted for talking out towards The Biden Regime from solitary confinement. Maximum human beings would simply close up in concern, however no longer Jake. The more difficult they arrive for him, the more difficult he fights. It's like David vs. Goliath.”

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On September 10, 2021, The Gateway Pundit contributor Cara Castronuova used to be first to reveal Officer Lila Morris because the Capitol Hill Police Officer who viciously and time and again beat Rosanne Boyland as she lay subconscious on america Capitol steps.

Morris beat Boyland so laborious she misplaced her stick!

Rosanne Boyland laid dead and Morris persisted to place her complete weight into beating her to demise.  Rosanne by no means recovered.  The cops fought off protesters who attempted to rescue her.  And when she used to be dragged away she by no means took any other breathe.  She used to be useless.

On Monday we launched new photos of Officer Lila Morris beating Rosanne Boyland to demise.

Officer Lila Morris nonetheless walks the halls of Congress – a hero.

Here's the video we launched on Monday.

Please watch all the documentary right here and beneath:

You'll no longer see this photos at Liz Cheney’s Kangaroo Committee listening to.

4 Trump supporters died that day.

The federal government cremated Rosanne Boyland earlier than her circle of relatives may check up on her frame.