Sleepwalking into Our Own Demise


COMMENT: I used to be there at the team of workers of _____________ whilst you had been on Capitol Hill. It used to be Dick Military who instructed you he may now not beef up Invoice Archer’s retail gross sales tax as a result of when the Democrats received energy we'd have a retail gross sales tax and an source of revenue tax. I discovered your piece on Europe sleepwalking into its personal dying. I’m positive you consider me, but it surely used to be Dick Military who mentioned you knew about cycles and the tax reform would fail. You could have been announcing longer than I will keep in mind that the euro would fail and that the WEF’s goals had been unrealistic. Now with the raid on Trump, it kind of feels that the conspiracy theories that the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA all conspired to ensure he would lose in 2020 are in all probability as soon as once more surfacing. When do the cycles level to this insanity erupting?

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REPLY: Not anything is ever everlasting. There's a cycle to the whole thing. Those individuals who suppose that they are able to take away Xi in China and Putin in Russia and the folks will have fun and have a good time American troops marching down the streets of Moscow and Bejing in some ticker-tape parade aren't simply unrealistic, they're the device of our destruction. This used to be the similar concept at the back of eliminating the dictators within the Heart East. They simply communicate to one another and persuade themselves that their concepts are right kind after which act on them. I warned again then that it used to be a unique tradition and deeply divided in faith. They sought after to imagine they had been proper and refused to hear any opposing view. That is the exact same factor. Any person acquainted with historical past is aware of that there can be no easy transition and you can't keep watch over the development of generation. Simplest CURIOSITY and FREEDOM supply that key component and Klaus Schwab is a keep watch over freak and he thinks he can direct his 4th Commercial Revolution. He'll spoil the arena financial system simply because the central making plans did in Russia.

Now we have entered an excessively unhealthy technology. There is not any higher instance from historical past than that of the destiny of Julius Caesar. I discover you to learn Anatomy of a Debt Disaster. That is the important thing to the background of even why Caesar crossed the Rubicon and why they assassinated him. He too used to be draining the swamp. This may be why they're attacking Trump in all places they are able to. You could have democratic AGs in states seeking to put him in jail. That is all about desperately seeking to save you his go back. What they don't perceive, used to be the truth that I have been requested to check out to speak Trump out of operating in 2024 and if I might advise DeSantis. I declined. However the level used to be that the Republicans didn't need Trump to run for they concept he used to be too arguable. This raid on his area has now led to a rally to his aspect. Now the folks KNOW he isn't certainly one of them in Washington. Even many Republicans had been silent about this raid.

It's true that Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon on January 10, 49 BC (49.02) to purge the corruption within the Republic, however corruption resurfaced. As a result of he forgave his enemies, they conspired and assassinated him at the Ides of March 44 BC (44.20), simply 4.82 years later (250.6 weeks, 62 months). That led to any other civil struggle. Even Brutus issued cash saying roundly that he killed caesar at the Eid Mar (Ides of March fifteenth). This displays his myth that he in reality concept the folks would cheer him, however he used to be incorrect. He and the opposite assassins fled Rome for the folks didn't beef up the Senate which used to be too corrupt as we have now in Washington.

Following the defeat of Mark Antony and Cleopatra on the Fight of Actium in 31 BC, as a result of Cleopatra used to be attempting to make use of intercourse to overcome Rome, the folks even grew to become in opposition to Mark Antony. Octavian turned into emperor formally with the identify Augustus on January 16, 27 BC (27.04) after the defeat of Egypt. The cash issued via Octovian proclaimed Egypt used to be Captured – now not that they defeated Mark Antony since he used to be a Roman.

The Julian Claudian dynasty ended with the dying of Nero on June 9, 68 AD (68.43), lasting 95.47 years in its entirety. Thus, there's by no means an enduring new technology. There are cycles to the whole thing, and forming the EU used to be additionally now not one thing that may undergo for 1,000 years and greater than the Julio-Claudian Dynasty of Rome. This may be true of america. Now we have run the route for a Republic and we can face super upheavals within the years forward into 2032. There's even a possibility that there might not be a 2024 presidential election. That might imply a cave in of the Constitutional executive. But there also are folks suggesting that Pelosi flew to Taiwan as a result of Biden will step down and Harris would step apart which means that Pelosi would develop into president till the tip of the time period in 2024.

There are lots of fools who in reality suppose this New Global Order will magically spread and the goals of Schwab can be learned ultimately. There's completely NO proof one would possibly to find from historical past that may EVER counsel that there can be an orderly transition to a couple new financial gadget. It has NEVER took place even as soon as in 6,000 years of historical past. The sanctions imposed on Russia that justified confiscating personal belongings have now not simply violated global regulation, it has divided the arena financial system and put an finish to globalization. Via any means we slice this, the root of Western ethics and financial system has come to an finish. We will have to start to get ready for a brand new type of executive post-2032. We're certainly sleepwalking into our personal destruction of the whole thing that used to be constructed post-WWII.