“Some of it Falls from the Belt and Lands on the Walkway Beside the Conveyor Belt” at Vleeshal


With this exhibition, the Madrid-based curatorial duo YABY parlay Middleburg’s Vleeshal right into a lens in which to concentrate on the byproducts of trade in what used to be as soon as a significant port for the Dutch East India Corporate.

Claudia Pagès’s Strolling the Gerund Mountain (Montjuïc, bando del Port), 2022, is a sculptural video set up consisting of a unmarried symbol fragmented throughout monitors fastened on a round armature. The motion takes position at the sacred hill of Montjuïc, utilized by Spanish forces in 1842 to bomb Barcelona and later as an execution website online for anarchists and Republican squaddies. Now the hill overlooks the economic port whose operations maintain the state’s financial system. In fragment from skinning livestock by means of energy 1867 (fig. 122 in Gideon), 2022, Aria Dean interprets the mechanized quantification of our bodies by means of repurposing the slaughterhouse equipment that streamline the killing of livestock. Christopher Aque’s Double Negativity (Swapping Spit), 2021, follows with a minimum illustration of stream and change, whilst Rindon Johnson’s five-channel audio piece Idiom 1 Plea Piece (Time is a Measurement), 2022, mashes in combination excerpts of songs that include the phrase “please,” underlining the overall ineffectiveness of entreaty, specifically in a sustained context of state violence.

With a couple of references to the 19th century, this exhibition issues again to the Vleeshal’s personal former serve as as a meat marketplace adjoining to the headquarters of slave industry firms. The recent works divulge the astounding proximity of that point to our personal.