Square Enix’s DioField Chronicle takes tactical RPG play off the grid


It was that tactical role-playing video games have been an esoteric and underrepresented style that existed principally within the 16-bit previous. No longer so now, thank you largely to Sq. Enix, which at the present time loves not anything greater than to put low- to medium-budget bets on each area of interest corner and cranny loved by way of its fandom and represented in its again catalog. Previous this yr, the writer launched Triangle Technique with Nintendo. In November, it's going to post a remaster of the vintage Ways Ogre. Sandwiched between them, on Sept. 22, comes The DioField Chronicle, an unheralded, humble, and curious diversion from the style orthodoxy.

By contrast to these different two video games, and different style stalwarts like Hearth Logo, The DioField Chronicle dispenses with a motion grid, and with turns. This can be a unfastened, free-flowing, mildly nerve-racking sport that performs out in genuine time. You box a squad of 4 gadgets and keep watch over them somewhat just like the hero gadgets in a real-time technique sport or a MOBA. You level and click on to transport them across the battlefield and flick restlessly from one unit to the following, commanding to make use of their skills, heal, or get out of bother, all the time with one cautious eye on what’s going down on the remainder of the sector.

The underlying mechanics and arithmetic could be very similar to the ones of a turn-based tactical RPG, however the really feel may be very other. This isn't a sport of chess by which you sparsely plot and optimize your each transfer. This is a sport of multitasking and fast, on-the-fly prioritization. Something hasn’t modified, despite the fact that: Placement is the entirety. A lot of your gadgets’ talents do injury over a space, in a cone, or in a wide swath, so that you’ll need to line those up sparsely to select off as many enemy gadgets as imaginable. Moreover, if one in all your warriors assaults an enemy from in the back of, you get an ambush bonus that doubles your injury, so flanking and manipulating the enemy with MMO-like pulling and tanking techniques are very important.

Medieval warriors, one on horseback, battle a pair of giant armored Gigas on snowy castle grounds in a screenshot from The DioField Chronicle

Symbol: Lancarse/Sq. Enix

All advised, it’s a amusing and soaking up, if reasonably stress-inducing, tactical fight gadget. There are 4 persona categories — archer, cavalry, warrior, and magic person — and also you’ll normally select one in all every on your squad. In addition to person leveling and gear for every persona, there are class-wide ability bushes, and auxiliary characters will also be added to every of your 4 unit slots (in the event that they belong to the similar category) to extend your ability repertoire. You'll be able to additionally equip Magilumic Orbs to unharness assaults from massive, Ultimate Delusion-style summons.

There’s a delightful mesh of stuff to believe right here. It’s a bit of laborious to inform how deep the sport will run from the demo that’s these days to be had, however the early indications are that Sq. Enix and co-developer Lancarse have correctly saved issues small-scale however impactful. The numbers of enemy gadgets are low, however they hit relatively laborious, and will take chunks from your fighters’ well being. The battles are streamlined however slightly high-risk, which assists in keeping them each hectic and manageable (indisputably for those who’re the use of a controller, as I used to be on PlayStation 5; the PC model helps mouse and keyboard, which will be a extra swift and herbal technique to play the sport).

The irritating factor is how a lot time The DioField Chronicle spends clear of its pleasingly economical mesh of methods and its amusing, fast moving battlefield techniques, and the way little lifestyles it has whilst you’re following the tale and the characters’ stiff interactions. However some sublime persona artwork from Taiki and Isamu Kamikokuryo, the sport takes position in a colorless, airless international of medieval politicking and mercenary maneuvers that’s laborious to spend money on.

A flying dragon scorches a battlefield with flames in a screenshot from The DioField Chronicle

Symbol: Lancarse/Sq. Enix

The plot has one thing to do with a once-peaceful island blessed with tough magic sources, an excellent evil, warring factions, and proud aristocratic homes. Characters bearing names like Fredret, Iscarion, and Waltaquin talk useless cliches and jargony exposition at one some other. It doesn’t lend a hand that the price range for such things as atmosphere artwork and vocal efficiency was once obviously very restricted, or that the sport’s colour palette is so coolly muted. In between missions, our hero Andrias can roam round extraordinarily undeniable and claustrophobic barracks to speak to different characters, store, craft, and tinker, however this segment of the sport feels no less than two {hardware} generations outdated. Perhaps 3.

All of it comes again to lifestyles at the battlefield, however it can be simplest essentially the most dedicated and curious lovers of the tactical RPG style that push via to get to the good things. Nevertheless, this can be a sport that, inside of its restricted scope, is digging one thing attention-grabbing out from deep in its selected area of interest.

The DioField Chronicle is headed to Nintendo Transfer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Home windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence X.