A Pink Insurrection | Armstrong Economics


Abortionists stormed the Wisconsin state capitol construction. They interrupted an ongoing particular consultation and demanded that lawmakers overturn their rulings, interrupting a democratic procedure with screams and chants. There might be no information of this within the mainstream media. There might not be a January 6 manhunt for any individual who “stormed” the capitol.

Someone who entered and even attended the January 6 protest has been tracked down and arrested. They claimed that the protestors on January 6 had been violent, which might no longer be further from the reality. This staff sponsored through Deliberate Parenthood has a violent previous. One supporter already attempted to kill a Excellent Court docket justice, whilst others have burned down church buildings and companies that don't toughen their ideals. Will the lawmakers on the capitol cry on tv like AOC and Pelosi and declare they feared for his or her lives? No. Did any individual care when a person with zip ties, a knife, and a gun tried to go into the house of Justice Kavanaugh? No.

The left is allowed to devote crimes and terrorize the rustic with 0 repercussions.