AOC Blasts Republican Hypocrites After Roe Is Overturned


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) known as out the hypocrisy of pro-life Republicans whilst blaming GOP Senators for Roe being overturned.


AOC stated at the Area flooring:

I believe it is very important take on the parable that that is in some way about young children, or youngsters, or lifestyles, for the reason that identical people who purport, declare to be protective lifestyles, combat towards common healthcare. Do they consider in common kid care? Do they consider in lifestyles after start? From their coverage positions, I guarantee you, the proof is missing. A birthday party and people who declare to be protective the lives of kids simply weeks after over a dozen youngsters died in Texas now declare to strengthen their lifestyles. The lives of the younger. Who're we protective? Who does this give protection to? No person.

Overturning Roe places each one among us in peril.

Later in her remarks, Rep. Ocasio-Cortezput the blame for Roe being overturned at the Republican Senators who voted to substantiate Kavanaugh and Barrett in accordance with lies.

The professional-life birthday party isn’t pro-life. They're pro-forced start. They're pro-women demise. They're the other of pro-life and AOC identified, they're additionally hypocrites.