Apex Legends Gaiden Event – All Skins, Store Bundles, and Free Rewards


Apex Legends‘ long-awaited anime-themed Gaiden tournament is in any case right here, and with it comes a number of 40 distinctive cosmetics in accordance with more than a few anime collection together with Dragon ball, Fullmetal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, and Tuxedo Masks, amongst others. Those that acquire all 40 beauty pieces will unencumber Bangalore's new Apex Commander Status pores and skin.

Along with the 40-item thematic tournament assortment, there also are a number of unfastened cosmetics to be had by means of the development's unfastened rewards observe, which may also be unlocked through finishing tournament demanding situations. The cosmetics integrated within the unfastened rewards observe are:

  • Bionic Good friend weapon allure (Epic)
  • Cloudburst 30-30 Repeater weapon pores and skin (Epic)
  • Down Thunder Fuse pores and skin (Epic)
  • K holospray (Epic, to be had right through week two of the development)

In any case, the in-game retailer could have a number of unique pieces and bundles on sale right through the Gaiden tournament. Week 1 will come with:

  • Marked Guy Mirage Package deal (accommodates the Mythical pores and skin along with 10 Gaiden Thematic Packs) – 4,000 AC
  • Oak Thump Price Rifle Package deal (containes the Mythical pores and skin along with 5 Gaiden Thematic Packs) – 2,500 AC
  • Gibraltron Package deal (accommodates the Mythical pores and skin along side the Epic-tier Rollout banner pose) – 1,950 AC
  • Galactic Father or mother Package deal (accommodates the Mythical pores and skin along side the Mythical-tier Blended Powers Alternator pores and skin) – 2,150 AC
  • Epic Goal Follow Bangalore skydive emote – 1,000 AC
  • Mythical Guiding Lighting Bangalore emote – 1,250 AC

The Loba Version Package deal may also be on the market right through the primary week of the development. It prices 1,800 AC and accommodates the next pieces:

  • Mythical Palms Broker Loba pores and skin
  • Mythical Silver Lining 30-30 weapon pores and skin
  • Mythical Quartermaster Andrade Badge
  • Epic Fractal Wolf weapon allure
  • 5 usual Apex Packs

The Marked Guy Package deal and Oak Thump Package deal will each be to be had 2nd week of the development, however the different cosmetics might be swapped out for the next pieces:

  • Deputy of Dying Caustic Package deal (accommodates the Mythical Caustic pores and skin and an identical Wingman pores and skin) – 2,150 AC
  • Mechameleon Pathfinder Package deal (accommodates the Mythical Caustic pores and skin along side an identical weapon allure and banner body) – 2,150 AC
  • Seer Package deal (unlocks Seer and his Mythical Heartthrob pores and skin, along side an identical R-99 pores and skin and weapon allure) – 2,500 AC
  • Epic Taste and Grace Seer skydive emote – 1,000 AC
  • Mythical Lean On Me Deer emote – 1,250 AC

The Gaiden Thematic Tournament will run till August 2, and all top class beauty pieces will transform everlasting additions to the loot pool as soon as the development is over, that means they are able to be unlocked by means of Apex Packs or crafted with crafting metals, albeit at a far upper value than maximum craftable pieces. After two seasons, the fee to craft those cosmetics will lower to the usual quantity of crafting metals required to craft pieces of the similar tier. After the realization of the development, Bangalore's Status pores and skin will input the Mythic retailer, the place it may be crafted the usage of the similar Heirloom Shards avid gamers use to craft Heirloom guns.

For avid gamers who're in reality having a look to get into persona, Respawn has launched a unfastened set of downloadable VTuber avatars that includes Octane, Mirage, and Bangalore of their Gaiden tournament skins.

Apex Legends is unfastened to play on console and PC. A cell model of the sport, Apex Legends Cellular, is to be had for obtain on Android and iOS units.