Disturbed + ‘Macarena’ Dance Mashup Really Has Us Stupefied


A brand new mashup mixing Disturbed‘s “Stupify” and gulp, the Macarena, it seems that has David Draiman‘s approval. Regardless of the possible horror display this feels like, “Stuparena” has the Disturbed frontman announcing, “I find it irresistible.”

No matter evil power introduced Invoice McClintock‘s consideration to those two wildly antagonistic songs, the mashup grasp has created a fairly blank fusion between the aggravating ‘90s pop dance sensation and the break unmarried from the steel debut of Disturbed. (McClintock is understood for his easy incorporation of steel making a song into pop melodies, and has a entire YouTube channel dedicated to it.)

The mashup is fairly easy. The “Macarena” beat first of all laid down by way of Los Del Rio is the basis, whilst Draiman's magnificent vocals take the highlight, with the bounce-back-and-forth of choruses and verse between the tunes. It is indisputably freaky to listen to Draiman's lyrics “I will be able to really feel all of it get started slipping a-waaaay…” meld into “A-yyyyyyy Macarena!

Draiman heard it and says he is into it, tweeting, “It really works in a atypical manner. I find it irresistible lol.”

Pay attention to the mashup underneath. If it moves your fancy, there may be masses extra from McClintock to pattern. A few of his selection alternatives come with “Viva los angeles Psycho,” (Slipknot's “Psychosocial” blended with Coldplay's “Viva los angeles Vida,) “Iron Sembello,” (fusing the track “Maniac” from the film Flashdance and Iron Maiden's “The Trooper,) and most certainly maximum the well-known “Leotallica,” (a cramming-together of Leo Sayer's “You Make Me Really feel Like Dancing,” and Metallica's “Unhappy However True.”)

Disturbed “Stupify” X “Macarena” Mashup “Stuparena”

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