Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel Guide: Safe Code, Elevator Puzzle, And More


Fobia: St. Dinfna Lodge is a brand new horror sport, but it surely obviously takes its cues from style classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. That is maximum obvious relating to its confounding puzzles, noticed all through the sport. If you end up stumped by means of the sport's back-tracking, merchandise mixtures, or otherworldly digicam, use our information to unravel all puzzles within the first of 3 acts within the sport. This is how one can get in the course of the sport's first segment within the lodge, together with the elevator puzzle, discovering a tough secure code, and the places of lots of keys.

Fobia – exploring the lodge

After an out-of-context intro in a jail, you can meet the journalist protagonist, Roberto Leite Lopes, who arrives on the Santa Dinfna Lodge to greet a fittingly creepy receptionist. A quick-moving montage will depict Lopes’ investigation into the ordinary lodge and stories of a “fuel masks lady” noticed at the premises. In the end, he is knocked out and regains awareness simply as you are given regulate of the nature once more.

Lodge room

The door might be locked, however in case you are studying this, chances are you'll already know all that. This is how one can break out the lodge room. First, grasp the backpack at the table so you'll extend your stock, Resident Evil-style. Beside the locked door, grasp the steel object with numbers on it.

Those numbers alternate with each and every playthrough, so yours might be other than ours, however in case you learn those numbers from left to proper by means of twisting the thing, you can have a three-digit code. Use this code at the suitcase's lock to open it and expose a key.

Take the important thing and use it to open the locked toilet door. Stroll into the toilet and you can realize the tub is overflowing with water reasonably ominously. Forget about the mess for now and as a substitute grasp two pieces: a digicam lens at the shelf and some other numbered code inside of an already opened suitcase. This code opens but some other locked suitcase within the tall armoire again within the bed room. The code for this doesn't alternate, so it is going to all the time be 37251.

Inside of you can in finding the remainder of a digicam. On your stock, mix the digicam frame and the lens to shape a operating digicam. Borrowing from Deadly Body, this can be a maximum peculiar digicam, because it permits you to see into some other international. You can then realize flickering coming from the toilet, so head again inside of and have a look at the tub in the course of the digicam lens. Wonder!


After that fast scare, the lodge room door might be opened robotically. After all, there's no bodily key to getting out–you simply had to endure a fright. Head into the hallway and into room 611. Use the digicam on the toilet wall to expose a message. Head again into the corridor and grasp the important thing putting from the doorknob of room 608. This is not the important thing to room 608.

Pass backtrack the corridor close to your room, 610, and use the important thing to open the hallway drawer. Now you may have the correct room 608 key, so head within it, then thru a hollow within the wall to seek out your self in room 606. Use the digicam in entrance of the toilet door and you can manifest an open secure.

You guessed it–there's a key inside of, so grasp it and open the door to the room to get again into the hallway once more. On the finish of this corridor is some other stock enlargement within the type of a bag, so make sure you grasp that in the dead of night. Now head right down to the 5th surface, one surface under the place you've gotten been.

Pass in the course of the damaged wall and take a left, then grasp a small crimson card inside of a wood field. If you grasp it, you can cause a telephone name from Stephanie, the lady who invited you to the lodge to analyze, then ghosted you (no pun meant).

Head again upstairs to the 6th surface and grasp a report that accommodates a code, 67352, which you can realize you wish to have along with the crimson get right of entry to card. Undergo there, then pass down the steps and open the locked cupboard with code 164871 to get the fifth-floor toilet key. Additionally make sure you grasp the flashlight within the closet.

6th surface secure mixture

Head backtrack to the 5th floor–this is excellent aerobic, huh?–and open the toilet door. It's going to say WC on it for “wash closet,” a regional time period in some puts. From right here you'll get right of entry to the provider house of the 5th surface, so pass in and use your digicam to discover a field with two issues within it: the room 603 key and a circuit for the elevator. Go back to the 6th surface and open room 603. Open the toolbox with the next mixture: proper 30, left 10, proper 5. Seize but some other key–the “Allen” key.

Elevator puzzle

Some not obligatory tale collectibles are at the mattress in case you are . Another way return to the 5th surface and use the Allen key and the circuit at the elevator to start out a puzzle, which you'll resolve by means of remaking the picture under. When the elevator is opened, select up the button at the flooring which can grant you get right of entry to to the 7th surface whilst you put it again in its proper position.

Elevator puzzle solution
Elevator puzzle answer

Head to the 7th surface and up some other set of stairs to discover a pistol inside of a field. Sure, this is not a type of adventure-horror video games. You can be killing monsters once you select up the gun.

Open the gate after you kill the monster and glance inside of a chest. Right here you'll discard pieces that now not serve a function. Of their puts, grasp the ammo and the chess piece from the desk, the queen. Go back to the 7th surface and put the queen at the chessboard. This may open the drawer and expose a sixth-floor provider house key.

Get again within the elevator, head right down to the 5th surface (sure, actually), then stroll as much as the 6th once more. Throughout the sixth-floor provider house is the first-floor key, so grasp that. Some other monster will seem. You'll run previous or shoot it till it is incapacitated–as in now not useless, however just right sufficient for now. Get into the elevator in any respect important, then head right down to the 1st surface. A cutscene will cause and you can have made it in the course of the first long segment of Fobia with all digits intact. Congrats!

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