Glee: 10 Musical Numbers That Have Aged Poorly


Glee featured over 700 musical numbers during its six-season run, a lot of that have transform a very powerful portions of contemporary popular culture. Certainly, songs like “Do not Forestall Believin'” and “Paradise by way of the Dashboard Mild” received new lifestyles due to the display's band of merry misfits.

On the other hand, no longer each musical quantity could be a winner, particularly when there have been such a lot of, and Glee has its justifiable share of problematic songs and performances. Whether or not on account of their beside the point lyrics or the display's unlucky staging possible choices, those musical numbers have elderly like milk and transform particularly debatable by way of lately's requirements.


Up to date on June twenty fourth, 2022 by way of Amanda Bruce: Glee is a surprisingly sturdy sequence when it satirizes display choir, and it is also a surprisingly sturdy sequence when it earnestly encourages younger artists to practice their goals. Infrequently, alternatively, the center team between the ones two takes falls flat. That occurs with probably the most ill-advised performances within the display. Whilst fanatics can rewatch Glee to their middle's content material now that it is to be had to circulate on Disney Plus, those are numbers they may need to skip. 

Content material Caution: The next incorporates references to suicide.

Let's Have A Kiki / Turkey Lurkey Time

The cast of Glee performing Let's Have a Kiki / Turkey Lurkey Time

Mash-ups are a staple of Glee. They are some of the issues that made the display such an fast hit in season 1. Through the years they changed into a calling card for the display, with the song division discovering new techniques to combine songs that would possibly appear whole opposites to start with.

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Now not all mash-ups have been winners although, and arguably the largest loser is the monstrosity this is “Let's Have a Kiki / Turkey Lurkey Time.” Carried out in season 4 by way of Rachel, Kurt, and Isabelle, the track begins sturdy with the LGBTQ+ anthem “Let's Have a Kiki.” On the other hand, as soon as Rachel erupts into an out-of-the-blue and shoehorned rendition of “Turkey Lurkey Time,” the entire thing descends right into a pageant of chaos and flinch.

Do not Stand So Shut To Me / Younger Woman

Proceeding the fashion of horrible mash-ups, the mix of The Police's “Do not Stand So With reference to Me” and Gary Puckett & the Union Hole's “Younger Woman” has a different position in tv hell. There are many issues about Glee‘s Rachel that experience elderly poorly, together with storylines, however her beside the point infatuation with Mr. Schuester ranks a few of the worst.

On the other hand, issues transform much more reprehensible when Mr. Schue comes to a decision to sing to Rachel about why she should not be crushing on him and proceeds to serenade her. It is an uncomfortable and problematic scene, made worse by way of the truth that Ms. Pillsbury is there and does not anything however swoon whilst Will sings.

More potent (What Does not Kill You)

The Troubletones performing on stage in Glee

A number of wild issues came about right through Glee‘s many performances, however Dave Karofsky making an attempt to take his lifestyles whilst Blaine belted Younger the Large's “Cough Syrup” used to be one of the critical and impactful. The episode offers with Karofsky's state of affairs unusually earnestly, incomes issues for a young scene between Kurt and Karofsky.

On the other hand, it loses any goodwill earned by way of having the Glee membership “commit” their Regionals efficiency in Karofsky's honor and opting for this Kelly Clarkson hit. Appearing a track that says, “what does not kill you makes you more potent,” after a personality simply attempted to finish his lifestyles is not just tone-deaf however insensitive and crass.

What I Did For Love

Rachel performing on stage in Glee

Within the Season 2 premiere, Rachel meets Sunshine Corazon, an trade scholar from the Philippines with plain ability. Ever the jealous and controlling fame-seeker, Rachel does the whole lot in her energy to stay Sunshine clear of the New Instructions, together with sending her to a crack area. In the end, Sunshine will get recruited into Vocal Adrenaline, making issues worse for the Glee membership.

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Rachel tries to excuse her movements by way of pronouncing she did them “for romance,” however nobody buys it. Nonetheless, that does not prevent her from belting out A Refrain Line‘s 11 o'clock quantity, “What I Did for Love.” Now not most effective does the efficiency appear pretend, however it additionally feels unearned and useless. In brief, it brings out the worst sides of Rachel's personality.

It is A Guy's Guy's Guy's Global

Quinn and other pregnant teenagers performing in Glee

Quinn were given the quick finish of Glee's writing stick. After having a well-developed and robust being pregnant tale in season 1, her personality regressed within the following seasons till Dianna Agron ultimately left the sequence. Whilst Quinn's being pregnant stays her maximum significant arc within the display, it additionally incorporated some very questionable possible choices, basically her efficiency of James Brown's iconic track “It is a Guy's Guy's Guy's Global.”

Quinn takes the degree sponsored up by way of a bunch of pregnant youngsters, who then do a clumsy choreography whilst she sings. Now not most effective is Agron's voice no longer fitted to any such difficult James Brown track, however the efficiency itself is past cringeworthy. Within the display's protection, it is meant to be uncomfortable, however that does not make it any much less embarrassing to look at now.

Push It

The New Directions performing Push It in Glee

Glee had quite a lot of nonsensical musical numbers, however “Push It” went past that. Carried out by way of the New Instructions right through a faculty meeting, “Push It” is, in Sue Sylvester's phrases, “probably the most offensive factor (she's) observed in 20 years of educating, and that incorporates an basic faculty manufacturing of Hair.”

It is arduous to argue with Trainer Sylvester. “Push It” comprises the ladies grinding in opposition to the men, Artie pretending to smack their backsides, and lots of suggestive dancing. Once more, the efficiency is meant to be ridiculous and embarrassing, however taking into consideration those children are meant to be 16, this quantity temporarily veers into problematic territory.

Gangnam Taste

“Gangnam Taste” used to be a debatable track even prior to it won the Glee remedy in season 4. The New Instructions nonetheless carried out it right through Regionals, when the theme used to be “Overseas Hits,” and gave the solo to Tina Cohen-Chang as a result of, in fact, they did.

Tina used to be considered one of Glee‘s maximum underrated characters, the residing embodiment of “at all times the bridesmaid, by no means the bride.” Nonetheless, having the one Asian personality within the membership carry out the Korean track got here off as a tad insensitive; even Tina issues it out, however she's so starved for any consideration that she nonetheless consents to sing it. “Gangnam Taste” turns out extra like a fever-dream than a real efficiency, and it is some of the many stuff that fanatics dislike about season 4.

A Little Much less Dialog

Will performing while dressed as a Spanish torero in Glee

Mr. Schuester used to be by no means a job type for instructing, however he no less than attempted right through the primary two seasons of Glee. On the other hand, all his care disappears by way of Season 3, changed by way of a way of entitlement that adopted him all over. When a number of scholars whinge about his outright racist practices, maximum particularly “Taco Tuesday,” Will comes to a decision to sign up for a Spanish lesson taught by way of Ricky Martin, AKA, David Martínez.

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In true Glee type, Santana and David carry out a shocking rendition of “L. a. Isla Bonita.” Will then seems dressed as a Spanish torero and plays a jarring Spanglish rendition of “A Little Much less Dialog” that features a mariachi band and Brittany and Mike dressed as bulls. Santana calls him out for treating Spanish as a comic story and no longer a second too quickly. The entire efficiency is insulting, and it is surely stunning that the display's writers went forward with it.

Blurred Strains

Because the Glee membership's chief, Mr. Schuester wasn't afraid to sign up for his scholars in track. He carried out with them a number of instances, continuously surpassing the boundaries of suitable scholar/trainer habits. Nowhere is that this loss of obstacles extra transparent than in his efficiency of Robin Thicke's “Blurred Strains.”

Mr. Schue plays this outright offensive track right through Season 5, joined by way of a refrain of scholars twerking round him. The track's lyrics are unhealthy sufficient, however Mr. Schue's willingness to permit scholars to bop round and, in some circumstances, inappropriately as regards to him is arguably the worst factor the instructor ever did.

Gimme Extra

Some fanatics willingly forget about a few of Glee‘s maximum problematic components. On the other hand, no longer even probably the most passionate Gleeks can forgive the display's unfair and harsh remedy of Britney Spears right through the now-infamous Season 4 episode “Britney 2.0.” The tale sees Brittany breaking down in a similar way to Spears’ very public 2007 difficulties. The display is going as far as to recreate a few of her maximum susceptible moments, together with her infamous 2007 VMA efficiency.

Spears granted the display the rights to her complete song catalog, hoping for considered one of Glee‘s well-known tributes. As an alternative, Glee outright mocked her, decreasing her struggles to a punchline. Within the wake of the #FreeBritney motion, “Britney 2.0” turns into the very best instance of ways unfair and harsh the media behaved in opposition to Spears.

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