Hillary Clinton Trashes Clarence Thomas as Driven by “Resentment, Grievance, Resentment” (VIDEO)


In an interview aired Tuesday on CBS Mornings, failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attacked Perfect Courtroom Justice Clarence Thomas in sharply private phrases over his concurring opinion overturning Roe v. Wade remaining week. Clinton stated she went to regulation college with Thomas, smearing him with racist stereotypes of the ‘indignant Black guy’: “He’s been an individual of criticism for so long as I've identified him. Resentment. Criticism. Anger…” Clinton won her Yale Legislation level in 1973, Thomas in 1974.

Clinton’s defeat through Donald Trump within the 2016 presidential election enabled Trump to nominate 3 originalist justices who comprised the decisive majority within the Dobbs choice overturning Roe.

CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King didn't problem Clinton on her use of a racist trope to assault Thomas.

CBS Mornings video clip, “Justice Thomas wrote that SCOTUS will have to rethink instances that protected the rights for same-sex marriage and birth control. @HillaryClinton says he has “signaled” that he needs conservative judges and state legislatures to “To find instances. Move regulations.””

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Transcript by the use of Mediaite:

GAYLE KING: Justice Thomas simply kind of floated that in the market about contraceptive rights and birth control, and about identical intercourse marriages. However different justices have driven again to mention, no, he’s in point of fact kind of on his personal with that. You don’t imagine that?

SEC. HILLARY CLINTON: Smartly, he could also be on his personal, however he’s signaling, as he continuously did, you recognize, other people — I went to regulation college with him. He’s been an individual of criticism for so long as I’ve identified him. Resentment, criticism, anger. And he has signaled prior to now to decrease courts, to state legislatures, to seek out instances cross regulations, get them up. I won't win the primary or 2d or the 3rd time, however we’re going to stay at it.

GAYLE KING: So that you’re announcing other people, be aware of this.

SEC. HILLARY CLINTON: To the folks he's chatting with, which is the, you recognize, right-wing, very conservative judges and justices and state legislatures. And the item this is smartly, there’s such a lot of issues about it which can be deeply distressing. However girls are going to die, Gayle. Ladies will die.

Complete interview:

“We're simplest firstly of this horrible travesty that this Courtroom has inflicted on us”: @HillaryClinton says she’s involved that overturning Roe v. Wade is simplest step one within the Perfect Courtroom turning “again the clock on civil rights.”