How To Get (& Use) Thavnairian Corn


To get Thavnairian Corn for Hannish Fiber in Ultimate Delusion XIV, gamers will want to discover a time-sensitive Mythical Collecting Node in Endwalker.

Thavnairian Corn is an Alchemy factor in Ultimate Delusion XIV offered in Patch 6.1, used to craft a novel filament referred to as Hannish Fiber. This fiber is a package deal of excellent, plant-based subject matter completely used for making the portions of the Pactmaker's Set, an apparel extremely sought-after through Disciples of the Hand and Land. Thus, Thavnairian Corn has grow to be in top call for for FFXIV Endwalker Crafters and Gatherers are they clamber to procure this luxuriously bred maize.

Naturally, since Thavnairian Corn isn't an “untradeable” merchandise, it may well most likely be discovered at the Marketplace Board for a big sum of Gil according to ear. Nevertheless, now not all Warriors of Mild have the budget to buy the uncommon factor, or most likely they want to know the place to search out the corn themselves for crafting or industry functions. Subsequently, in the beginning, those gamers will have to personal Endwalker since Thavnairian Corn can simplest be discovered within the growth's new areas.


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To get Thavnairian Corn in Ultimate Delusion XIV, gamers will have to scour The Shroud of the Samgha, a landmark in East Thavnair of Ilsabard. Adventurers can succeed in this location through rapid touring to the closest Aetheryte Crystal in Palaka's Stand. Whilst the coordinates might range relying on one's place, a Degree 90 Mythical Node with the Thavnairian Corn will also be discovered roughly at X:25.3 and Y:21.5. Then again, this node simplest turns into energetic between the time frames of 8:00 to ten:00 and 20:00 to 22:00. Subsequently, FFXIV fanatics will want to watch the clock sparsely and most likely set an alarm to make sure they seek advice from the node on the proper time to get their mythical ears of corn.

The right way to In finding The Thavnairian Corn In FFXIV

FFXIV The Shroud of The Samgha Thavnair

The restricted spawn time is not the one constraint that Ultimate Delusion XIV gamers will come upon on their adventure for Thavnairian Corn. In particular, adventurers will have to achieve the “Tome of Botanical Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty” with the intention to uncover the Mythical Node in Thavnair. This tome finds the harvesting issues for Potent Spice, Golden Cocoon, and Thavnairian Corn. As soon as FFXIV Endwalker gamers use this Tome of Botanical Folklore, they should not have any issue discovering the corn in the event that they seek advice from the node on the proper time.

The Tome of Botanical Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty will also be bought for Regional Folklore Dealer's Token C ×16 from the Splendors Supplier in Radz-at-Han at X:11.3, Y:9.1. Those tokens are particular foreign money bought from quite a lot of Scrip Trade Traders via Hydaelyn. One Regional Folklore Dealer's Token C will also be exchanged with White Gatherers’ Scrips ×100. Those Scrips are earned via more than one actions, akin to Collectible Appraising, however one rapid approach to download White Gatherers’ Scrips is thru Ocean Fishing Voyages at Limsa Lominsa.

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Ultimate Delusion XIV is to be had on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC by means of Steam or Sq. Enix's legitimate web site.


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