Legacies: The 15 Best Episodes, According To IMDb


One of the vital a hit TV franchises is The Vampire Diaries universe. The unique sequence stays in style to at the moment and either one of its spin-offs had been lovely cast hits. The latest is Legacies, which wrapped up season 3 previous this yr and has extra episodes at the horizon.

It is unclear how lengthy the brand new display will remaining however now's as excellent a time as any to seem again on what audiences have observed to this point and imagine which installments have been the most efficient. Some of the highest-rated concerned characters from prior displays showing, whilst others allowed the brand new characters to polish brightest.

Up to date on June twenty ninth, 2022, via Kevin Pantoja: The new cancellation of Legacies stunned lovers and the staff at the back of the sequence and it marked the top of The Vampire Diaries universe (for now a minimum of). The fourth and ultimate season proved to in all probability be the display's best hour, with a handful of the episodes score a number of the very best in sequence historical past. In fact, the rankings on IMDb show off that the most efficient episodes of Legacies come from everywhere, exhibiting the consistency of the sequence.


15 I'm going to Inform You A Tale (Season 1, Episode 15) – 8.4

Lizzie looking at Hope

It appeared like Legacies truly began hitting a powerful level because it closed out season 1, with this penultimate episode being a spotlight. This controlled to inform the historical past of Malivore, who has been the sequence’ overarching antagonist, and defined its energy degree. That helped make Malivore much more enforcing sooner than the finale.

There have been additionally secrets and techniques unleashed, together with the truth that Clarke used to be Landon's half-brother and that they have been the youngsters of Malivore, including even upper stakes to the top of the season. This used to be an episode that completed the entirety it got down to.

14 Lifestyles Was once So A lot More uncomplicated Once I Handiest Cared About Myself (Season 2, Episode 15) – 8.4

Josie fights dark Josie in Legacies

Once more, it is every other penultimate episode that unearths itself among the finest of the most efficient. Numerous season 2 had constructed up Darkish Josie and he or she returned to college on this installment with the plan to finish the merge and defeat her sister. Josie went so far as to kill Alyssa, appearing she used to be a long way long gone.

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The name of the episode is in connection with Lizzie, who discovered it tough now that she used to be now not as egocentric as she was once. The Merge went down, with Josie successful, just for the twist that Lizzie's existence used to be attached to Landon's, which stored her. It gave lovers the showdown they sought after with out killing off a chief persona.

13 That is Not anything I Had To Consider (Season 2, Episode 6) – 8.5

Josie and Lizzie Saltzman holding hands

If there is something that lovers respect much more than a callback to The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, it is a crossover episode. “That is Not anything I Had To Consider” gave audiences one as Freya Mikaelson spoke with Josie in New Orleans, the surroundings of The Originals.

Audience were given to determine that Freya and Keelin had a kid, whilst Freya additionally helped Josie with remembering Hope, who everybody had forgotten. This used to be a huge episode as everybody recalled Hope, which ended in blended feelings from everybody, particularly Landon and Josie, who had began relationship.

12 I Can not Be The One To Forestall You (Season 4, Episode 9) – 8.5

Josie and Finch in Legacies

It got here as a marvel when Legacies offered Aurora, one of the vital maximum intriguing villains in The OriginalsThis installment featured her taking on Hope's frame and having some confrontations with Lizzie, who in the long run were given tricked via Hope into serving to her get her frame again.

Crucial facet of this episode even though revolved round Josie. The fan favourite persona formally departed the sequence for excellent, which got here as a surprise to audiences all over because it wasn't well known forward of time. Dropping Josie proved to be a sore spot for plenty of audience.

11 This Can Handiest Finish In Blood (Season 4, Episode 19) – 8.5

MG at a funeral

The penultimate episode of the sequence introduced the standard twists and turns that the franchise has at all times achieved so smartly. The large showdown between Hope and Ken in the end took place and Ken had a weapon that used to be able to killing the tribrid, elevating the stakes.

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Hope additionally had a disagreement with Aurora, who redeemed herself in many ways via sacrificing herself to avoid wasting Hope, taking that persona down a trail that no one truly noticed coming. The episode noticed the heroes win and set the degree for an epic finale.

10 The Boy Who Nonetheless Has A Lot Of Just right To Do (Season 1, Episode 13) – 8.6

Alaric and Kaleb in Legacies

Following a amusing street travel for many of the core characters, “The Boy Who Nonetheless Has a Lot of Just right to Do” used to be a powerful episode. The likes of Hope, Alaric, and Kaleb discovered many in their buddies lacking upon returning to the Salvatore Faculty, giving the plot a amusing thriller to get to the bottom of.

They have been off doing various things, with it all culminating in Rafael becoming a wolf and biting MG, hanging his existence at risk. Even if Hope's blood used to be the treatment that stored him, the episode additionally ended on an enormous disclose, as Landon apparently died, handiest to burst into flames and go back as the primary phoenix of the franchise.

9 Mombie Dearest (Season 1, Episode 6) – 8.6

Alaric and Josette talk to their daughters

Like such a lot of different characters in those displays, the Saltzman twins have tragic backstories. Their mom used to be brutally killed sooner than they might ever meet her however that modified in “Mombie Dearest” as her ghost seemed on their sixteenth birthday and performed a big section within the episode's tale.

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In fact, issues could not keep sure as Jo changed into a full-on zombie and buried one in every of her daughters alive. This entire factor used to be introduced upon via the Necromancer, who would pass directly to develop into a ordinary villain. This episode additionally shined a gentle on Josie's romance with Penelope, in addition to the imaginable dating between Hope and Rafael.

8 You Can not Save Them All (Season 2, Episode 13) – 8.7

Hope Mikaelson surrounded by candles

Within the eyes of a large number of lovers, the display's top level is the two-part arc the place Kai Parker returned to the combo. This used to be the second one 1/2 of that story, as Kai escaped a jail international and started to wreak havoc at the common international, together with those that have been associated with him.

The installment labored as a result of Kai used to be this sort of nice antagonist and he felt like a real danger to everybody, particularly given his historical past of assaults on Jo and hanging Elena into her magic sleep. Even if different issues took place, Kai used to be the central center of attention for excellent explanation why and Alaric attending to in the end kill him used to be a welcome finishing.

7 We All Knew This Day Was once Coming (Season 4, Episode 3) – 8.8

Hope Mikaelson in Legacies

The principle storyline of season 4 revolved round how Hope treated the lack of her boyfriend Landon. This episode noticed her make the decision to develop into the tribrid and formally flip. That ended in an emotional remaining supper together with her family and friends, together with the go back of her aunt Freya.

All the technique of the flip and surroundings the tone for it's what made this episode paintings. Via season 4, the target market cared deeply for those characters so simply seeing them get ready for this sort of giant second in combination used to be sufficient.

6 See You On The Different Facet (Season 4, Episode 4) – 8.9

Hope and Alaric in Legacies

It got here as a marvel of types to search out that Malivore used to be handled so early in season 4. Hope needed to make without equal sacrifice to complete the task even though, killing Landon with a weapon constituted of his blood. That modified the entirety for the display going ahead even though.

The overpowering weight of killing the individual she cherished despatched Hope over the brink. She became off her feelings and made up our minds she sought after no one searching for her, so she attacked him. It used to be one of the vital many terrible issues Hope did together with her humanity off.

5 Simply Do not Be A Stranger, Ok? (Season 4, Episode 20) – 8.9

Joseph Morgan Klaus Legacies Finale

It may be tough to tug off a perfect sequence finale when an episode used to be by no means in truth meant to carry that weight. Then again, Legacies were given it proper via wrapping issues up in a lovely manner whilst additionally giving lovers what they would sought after for years.

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Two of the largest needs in Legacies have been appearances from Caroline and Klaus. Lovers were given their want as Caroline returned to take over the Salvatore Faculty and Klaus confirmed up in a touching pre-recorded message he left for his daughter.

4 There is All the time A Loophole (Season 1, Episode 16) – 8.9

The cast of Legacies

Season 1 constructed to the predicted unencumber of Malivore as the principle antagonist going ahead. Maximum lovers most probably believed Malivore would in finding their manner out and that might be it however Legacies went a unique and most commonly sudden path. Hope used to be the one shot at preventing them and he or she sacrificed herself.

No longer handiest did she chance her existence to take action however via leaping into the Malivore pit, she ensured that no one would be mindful her in season 2. That used to be a game-changer and capped an exhilarating episode that still noticed the varsity fight Triad forces, Josie come with reference to demise, or even an look from Headless Horsemen.

3 Kai Parker Screwed Us (Season 2, Episode 12) – 8.9

The primary 1/2 of Kai Parker's go back as a big villain used to be aptly titled, “Kai Parker Screwed Us.” Alaric traveled to a jail international along with his daughters to search out Sebastian and 3 previous scholars he trapped there. It in order that occurs that Kai Parker, who killed Jo Laughlin, used to be additionally there.

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This episode noticed him manipulate the ones round him to have the opportunity out, the place he in the long run double-crossed them too. Kai satisfied Josie to do the object that might lead to her turning into Darkish Josie, making him a perfect villain for a couple of episodes whilst additionally triggering the principle arc of the general few episodes of the season.

2 I Idea You'll Be Happier To See Me (Season 4, Episode 5) – 9.0

Rebekah looking at someone in a still from Legacies

In conjunction with Klaus and Caroline, lovers have been at all times hoping to get a glimpse of the individuals of the Mikaelson circle of relatives. In the end, their motto used to be “at all times and perpetually,” but they have been nearly by no means round to lend a hand Hope on every occasion she handled absurd issues.

That modified when Rebekah made an look on this episode, hoping to get her niece to show her humanity again on. There used to be additionally a amusing facet plot involving MG and Ethan operating on Ethan's new powers that lovers loved.

1 The whole lot That Can Be Misplaced Might Additionally Be Discovered (Season 4, Episode 15) – 9.0

Freya, Marcel, Rebekah, and Kol at a dinner table

Probably the most expected episode of Legacies season 4 used to be simply “The whole lot That Can Be Misplaced Might Additionally Be Discovered.” It marked the go back of Freya, Rebekah, Kol, and Marcel from The Originals, bringing the Mikaelson extended family again along with Hope.

It used to be value it simply to meet up with them and spot the place their lives have long gone however the cherry on best used to be that Hope in the end became her humanity again on. She additionally were given the risk to scatter her father's ashes, bringing the emotional degree of this episode up even additional.

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