Madison Cawthorn Confirms Tape Showing Him Naked And Engaged In Physical Activity With Another Man Is Real


Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) that the video appearing him bare and engaged in bodily job with every other guy is actual.

Madison Cawthorn Confirms Video Of Him Bare In Mattress With Every other Guy Is Actual

We will be able to no longer be publishing the video. If you happen to haven’t noticed it, imagine your self fortunate.

Rep. Cawthorn tweeted a denial but additionally a affirmation that the tape is actual:

The video used to be making the rounds on Twitter in a while after Cawthorn launched a video commentary denying that he's a”drag queen:”

The more than one arrests for DUI and riding with a suspended license had been a large crimson flag that Madison Cawthorn is a educate spoil of a human being, and that isn't even bearing in mind the truth that he has been cited two times in a 12 months for bringing a gun into an airport.

Cawthorn shouldn’t be in Congress.  With the choice of DUI arrests that he has had, a controversy will also be made that he shouldn’t be in society.

Rep. Cawthorn it sounds as if doesn’t know what the time period blackmail way. Cawthorn isn't being blackmailed. The electorate in his district are getting the total image of his habits.

It doesn’t topic if Madison Cawthorn is homosexual, which prior to other folks pass there, he has been accused of sexual attack and sexual harassment,  which he has denied, or what sort of garments he loves to put on.

His habits and incapacity to be truthful with the folks of his district are all that rely.

The electorate in his North Carolina district deserve a consultant that they are able to be pleased with. Madison Cawthorn isn't that individual.

Do your self a choose. Don't watch the bare Madison Cawthorn tape.

You’ve been warned.