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The overall moments of Westworld season 4's “Smartly Sufficient On my own” are stuffed with large finds – here is what the Golden Age park, William's marvel go back, and Christina's freaky discovery all imply. Set seven years after the human revolution from season 3, Westworld season 4's premiere presented an uncharacteristically delicate reintroduction to HBO's cyborg shenanigans. This season's primary narrative options Thandiwe Newton's Maeve and Aaron Paul's Caleb at the run from Delos assassins, with the company now in the end making its play for world robotic domination. Over in New York Town, in the meantime, Evan Rachel Picket's Dolores is reborn as “Christina,” and she or he sits surprisingly indifferent from season 4's wider tale.


In episode 2, Maeve and Caleb start their Delos investigation, finding out extra about what the heinous host duo of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) and the Guy in Black (Ed Harris) are scheming. In other places, Christina's truth slowly unravels when she discovers the stalker who accused her of ruining his existence sooner than jumping from a rooftop would possibly've in truth had some degree. Plots thicken, conspiracies deepen, and Bernard is nonetheless sound asleep at the process.

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By the point credit roll on Westworld season 4, episode 2, audiences have a brand spanking new Delos theme park to pore over, affirmation {that a} primary persona survived season 3, and a beautiful excellent thought of the place Hale's masterplan is heading. This is how the final scenes of “Smartly Sufficient On my own” shake out.

Westworld's Golden Age Park Defined

Golden Age in Westworld

Westworld already has a host of Delos Locations parks – ShogunWorld, the Raj, FantasyWorld, and, after all, WestWorld itself. Season 4's addition is the Golden Age. Set throughout prohibition, the Golden Age recreates the glamorized town panorama of Twenties New York or Chicago – a time of Tommy gun-wielding mobsters, noir-ish personal eyes, and wonderful femme fatales.

So far as Westworld has printed, earlier motels have been all positioned someplace round China, however the Golden Age is Delos’ first actual park on US soil. Westworld season 4's premiere printed William have been purchasing up barren land across the Arizona-Nevada border, and audience can suppose that is the place the Golden Age was once built. Dusty vast photographs of Caleb and Maeve's educate experience surely have compatibility that invoice. The park's whereabouts raise a observe of irony – the Golden Age is “WestWorld” in an overly literal sense. Although now not said outright, Delos’ Golden Age is the “mess out west” discussed throughout William's golfing route dialog with Vice President Chuck. Delos trusted executive improve to recuperate after the debacle of Westworld season 3, and now those self same politicians are horrified the corporate is working inside of its personal borders. Changing such troublemakers with hosts seems to be William's most popular answer.

The second one primary distinction between the Golden Age and different Delos parks is the possession. While each and every earlier hotel was once created through people for benefit and information assortment, the Golden Age was once designed through Hale and William – two hosts with very no interest in giving other people a great time. What is the objective of this new park, and the way does it lend a hand Hale reach her purpose of hosts taking up?

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Perhaps the prohibition-era hotel will permit Hale and William to review human nature, thereby gaining a bonus over their warring parties. The dressing-up procedure Caleb and Maeve undergo makes some degree of together with hats, which have been famously used to report mind patterns within the unique parks. We will quite wager they serve the similar objective right here. Any other risk comes to the human-controlling flies prevalent during Westworld season 4's opening two episodes. The Golden Age could be a viral supply device to contaminate Earth's inhabitants with the similar flies that corrupted the cartel gangster, Senator Whitney's spouse, and Navarro from the Division of Justice.

Why Are Caleb & Maeve At The Golden Age Park?

Thandiwe Newton as Maeve and Aaron Paul as Caleb in Westworld

Caleb and Maeve's invitation to Golden Age opening night time comes immediately from Anastasia Whitney, and regardless of being the unique human slightly than the host reproduction, Mr. Whitney's spouse is it seems that now not slightly herself. The humming flies and eerie speech development level towards Anastasia doing Hale and William's bidding, because of this it is the villains themselves who trap Caleb and Maeve into the Golden Age. After spending all of the first two episodes of Westworld season 4 seeking to kill them, why the unexpected be offering?

Sending host assassins to kill Maeve and Caleb has to this point yielded little fruit. The 2 revolutionaries are extra than a fit for one or two measly hosts – even the upgraded variations resistant to Maeve's affect. Perhaps Hale is converting techniques. As an alternative of sending hosts to her enemies, she's bringing her enemies to the place the hosts are living. Will Golden Age gangsters be lining as much as ship Maeve and Caleb sound asleep with the fishes after they depart the relative protection of the educate station? Then again, possibly Westworld‘s two absolute best freedom warring parties are one way or the other integral to Hale's evil scheme. Season 4 trailer pictures confirmed Aaron Paul beset through CGI flies, that means he will most probably finally end up enslaved at some point. Maeve, in the meantime, possesses skills no different host does, and her programming will for sure end up illuminating for Hale's New International Order.

How William Is Nonetheless Alive In Westworld Season 4 (& Why)

Ed Harris as William Man in Black in Westworld

Westworld season 3's finale ended with William (the unique unique) searching host Hale down at a Delos analysis facility, however Ed Harris’ anti-social sociopath was once soundly defeated after the marvel arrival of his robot counterpart. Receiving a deep slash to the throat, William's possibilities of survival seemed decidedly narrow, however Westworld season 4, episode 2 finds he emerged from the ordeal unscathed… kind of.

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The real Guy in Black is lately Hale's prisoner, trapped inside of a round cellular and restrained through a black go well with (Guy in Black, get it?) masking each and every a part of Ed Harris however an offended sticking out head. Westworld season 4 does not immediately cope with how William survived his seemingly-fatal wound, however Delos’ era is almost certainly complicated sufficient to synthetically heal his slit throat. It is usually imaginable that the black go well with serves a secondary serve as of artificially preserving the Guy in Black alive. Intriguingly, William's cage seems to have cryogenic qualities. No longer handiest does Hale point out a “deep and dreamless shut eye” however she hits a button that turns an x-ray keep an eye on panel show of William's innards blue. Westworld implies he is being frozen, doubtlessly foreshadowing the far-future constancy take a look at from season 2's post-credits collection.

Hale is usually candid about why she's placing such nice effort towards preserving William respiring. She does not want the Guy in Black any further than she wishes a morning espresso or common toilet breaks; slightly, she delights in taunting him. The human who spent a long time so ruthlessly abusing hosts can be compelled to observe helplessly as those self same hosts overtake his species.

What Does Christina's Discovery Imply For Dolores?

Aaron Stanford as Peter in Westworld

Christina can not lend a hand however pass digging for solutions after listening to that Peter, the stalker who took his personal existence in Westworld season 4's premiere, has a charitable fund arrange for the “Hope Middle for Psychological Well being.” Within the ultimate moments of “Smartly Sufficient On my own,” alternatively, she discovers this facility is not simply long-abandoned, however a whole wing was once already devoted in Peter's honor… regardless of him handiest demise a couple of days prior. Spooky accident, or a glitch within the Matrix?

If we suppose Christina is secretly residing in a Delos park (and all indicators level towards that very conclusion), the memorial plaque would possibly end up Peter is following a loop, identical to WestWorld's hosts as soon as did. The likes of Maeve, Dolores and Teddy would practice precisely the similar trail time and again, demise in precisely the similar means. Perhaps Peter's “loop” dictates that he loses the whole lot, turns into obsessed over a thriller girl, takes his personal existence, after which the park's staff convey him again on-line to copy the cycle. Any other attainable clarification is that Christina strikes sooner than the arena round her. When Teddy jumped to her rescue in Westworld‘s season 4 premiere, Christina seemed away for a temporary second, then each males have been all at once long past – virtually as though a bit of time went lacking. Christina would possibly assume only some days have handed since Peter died, however the precise time period could also be significantly longer.

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Does Westworld Season 4 Verify Christina's Powers?

In step with the past due Peter, Christina's tales immediately have an effect on folks round her. Plot traces she writes play out in actual existence (no matter “actual existence” manner in Christina's global). Westworld season 4‘s 2nd episode doubtless proves his speculation was once proper all alongside when Christina controls a gaggle of builders skulking across the deserted Hope Middle. She instructs them to go away underneath her breath, and so they duly go out the construction. Evan Rachel Picket's persona information all her tale pitches out loud, so possibly this ordinary talent to persuade habits thru speech is how she ruined Peter's existence. Christina's energy is taking a look extremely very similar to Maeve's from Westworld season 1, that means this oblivious New York Town skilled may well be unlocking the similar fearsome admin get admission to privileges Maeve was once granted.

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Westworld continues Sunday on HBO.

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