Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Putin Just Wants To Be Our Friend And Ally


This appears to be a great time to remind ourselves that MAGA has at all times been a Russian-backed operation to weaken each side of vintage Western liberalism in the USA, particularly our adherence to democracy. Putin and his allies discovered a Republican celebration that doesn’t need to face the converting demographics and values within the trendy United States. Trump can cite “No collusion” all he desires however this can be a indisputable fact that the Russians dumped cash immediately into the NRA, absolutely subsidized Trump in 2016, indubitably did it once more in 2020, nonetheless makes use of Tucker Carlson as propaganda on Russian tv, and – as Marjorie Taylor-Greene turns into extra influential than even John McCain may had been at his top, Russia makes use of MTG to make Putin’s case right here in the USA that it's Joe Biden who's answerable for all the ones Ukrainian deaths.

Had we simply left Ukraine to its personal protection, we will have had Russia as an best friend, consistent with Marjorie however we blew it. We helped Ukraine and now Ukrainians are demise. It's Joe Biden’s fault.

Ahead of you guffaw and say “Nobody will imagine her,” simply this morning there's a new YouGov ballot out appearing that 68% of Fox audience imagine that January sixth was once basically instigated via the Left to make Trump glance dangerous.

So, even if Marjorie’s minute-long diatribe is self-contradicting and unprincipled, it represents the pondering of many MAGA citizens. Putin has no company on this in any respect. America is answerable for the horrors in Ukraine, consistent with Marjorie:

MAGA was once born as an up to date model of long-held KGB doctrine that The usa may well be destroyed from inside if the Russians may just simply download keep watch over of 1 American political celebration. From the Fifties to the Nineteen Seventies, Russians centered at the American left. By means of the early twenty first Century, Russia was once dumping cash into the NRA, and the keep watch over was once near-cemented within the 2016 Republican celebration conference when the Trump group demanded just one trade to the Republican platform, that portion that hostile the 2014 Russian invasion of a portion of Ukraine. MAGA was once Russian-produced then, MAGA is Russian-produced now.

In 2020 the GOP didn’t have a platform. Autocrats don’t have “coverage ideals,” they imagine in energy.

We'd all do smartly to just accept the truth that the leaders of the Republican celebration glance to the Russian executive and spot what they would like. A one-party state, run via the correct other folks, with out time to your niceties, and vintage liberalism. Fascism is a significantly better device when the principle function is conserving rich conservative white males on the most sensible. Regardless of yeoman’s paintings via the Make a choice Committee, issues proceed to fall into position to be sure that we get there, even supposing Trump is going to jail, see our newly freed SCOTUS. Eliminating stare decisis might be very important to instilling a brand new form of American executive, one this is constitutional in title most effective.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene doesn’t have the highbrow talent to set out her argument in any kind of plausible method, however she’s giving us the primary gist right here. We must by no means have stood up for democracy. We will have been allies with Russia (wouldn’t which have been nice) however now she worries we received’t be allies for a very long time. We blew it. America will have been fortunate and been Putin’s good friend, as an alternative we selected to wreck Ukraine.

Putin couldn’t inform the tale higher.