Money Heist: Korea Pulls Off a Daring TV Caper | Black Writers Week


The crew is led by means of a person handiest referred to as the Professor (Yoo Ji-tae). Lots of the robbers are strangers to one another and each and every robber takes the title of a town to stay it that manner. There may be Belin (Park Hae-soo), Moscow (Lee Received-jong), Denver (Kim Ji-hun), Nairobi (Jang Yoon-ju), Rio (Lee Hyun-woo), Helsinki (Kim Ji-hoon), and Oslo (Lee Kyu-ho), each and every with particular talents and experience. On the core of the tale is Tokyo (Jun Jong-seo), a tender woman who left North Korea with the hope and promise of what a unified nation would possibly deliver. Sadly, she falls on laborious instances and is “rescued” by means of The Professor as a recruit for this caper. Having Tokyo as a narrator and central personality is a brilliant strategy to invite the target audience into the scheme in addition to create some intrigue as to who she actually is and her motives. 

The storytellers do an ideal activity of offering us with an in depth plan for stealing the cash. They know who will probably be on the mint, hack the protection, arrange exterior communications, and the format of the mint. Along with being essential to the good fortune of the challenge, main points are a question of lifestyles and loss of life. So, it could appear as although the writers would have paid the similar stage of consideration to the temperament and personalities of the group. It's unattainable that The Professor put talents over compatibility or saneness. Did he actually suppose those folks would be capable to paintings in combination or is that this volatility a part of the plan? By hook or by crook that uncertainty is what creates rigidity and saved me looking ahead to the following problem.

The stickiness of this sequence is located in its relationships. On-site, there's a battle between Berlin and Tokyo as to who will have to lead. Alliances ebb and waft because the group learns extra about each and every different as problem after problem gifts itself. And that promise of now not killing somebody is in jeopardy at each level, relying on who’s in rate. There could also be drama a number of the hostages. One is the daughter of a U.S. diplomat making her a significant bargaining chip within the negotiations. Any other essential hostage is the director of the mint who's having an affair with one in all his subordinates. He's conniving and prepared to sacrifice somebody if it method he can get away. Off-site, The Professor has devised some way to hook up with and affect the hostage negotiator. Their dating is bold and threatens to resolve the plan at its core. One would possibly come for the caper however will keep for the characters. They're all fascinating in my opinion however dynamic jointly.

“Cash Heist: Korea – Joint Financial Space” is bold for its plan, thrilling for the twists and turns, inviting for its characters, and is simply simple addictive. With handiest part of the primary season screened for press, I will’t wait to look what occurs to the group and if they can pull it off.

Six episodes screened for overview.