SDCC 2022: Avengers: Secret Wars could give the MCU the power of a reboot


Wonder Studios has at all times recognized methods to throw a Corridor H birthday celebration, and even though there have been worries that the abnormal nature of the primary in-person San Diego Comedian-Con in 3 years would stay issues muted, the studio delivered. We all know so much now that we didn’t know sooner than. And glimmering at the some distance finish of Wonder’s new timeline is one ominous identify: Avengers: Secret Wars.

Wonder Comics has infamously printed more than one Secret Warfare occasions, however there’s just one this is more likely to have impressed an arc that comes with exploring the multiverse and introducing the Illuminati. And that’s Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić’s Secret Wars, a cosmic herbal crisis that led to all the destruction and fantastic sport of the Wonder Multiverse.

That is all to mention: If the Wonder Cinematic Universe sought after to make sweeping adjustments to its inner continuity, Secret Wars could be one of the most best really “Wonder Comics” techniques was once to do it.

The Wonder Means

Avengers: Infinity War characters

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That’s partially as a result of Wonder Comics traditionally does no longer reboot its complete continuity, ever. In contrast to DC Comics, whose atmosphere is constructed on an every-25-years-or-so cycle of resetting and reimagining its characters, you'll hint an unbroken line from the Tony Stark of 2022 to the Tony Stark of 1963.

2015’s Secret Wars bucked that pattern — no longer in some way that broke the road between 2015 Tony and 1963 Tony, however in some way that had important editorial repercussions however. Specifically, Secret Wars killed a Wonder Universe.

The Final Wonder Universe

Wonder’s Final line, based in 2000, was once arguably the writer’s largest luck of the last decade, another Wonder universe the place trendy writers and artists had freedom to take the corporate’s most renowned characters and get started everywhere once more. And it’s were given a heavy hand of affect within the Wonder Cinematic Universe, possibly absolute best represented within the pick out of Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Fury — Final comics had been the primary to depict Nick as a Black guy who regarded precisely like Jackson reasonably than a white man who may go for David Hasselhoff.

However right through Secret Wars, the Final Wonder Universe died. In truth, within the lead as much as the development, each unmarried universe within the Wonder multiverse died, leaving just a few dozen surreal variant fragments glued in combination within the mashup to finish all mashups. And when the great guys gained, they restored the multiverse, however left the Final Wonder Universe lifeless.

Wonder had determined to salvage a couple of sides of the Final universe that had been nonetheless resonating with readers, and in a different way shutter the editorial line. It made sense: By the point Secret Wars rolled round, the Final Wonder universe was once now not a recent get started. It had its personal 15 years of continuity to make amends for, and it wasn’t even the primary Wonder Continuity.

The Wonder Cinematic Universe turns 15 subsequent yr. Isn’t that fascinating?

Is the Wonder Cinematic Universe headed for a reboot?

He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) in the Citadel in Loki season 1

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We gained’t to find out for some time — almost definitely no longer till past due 2025, when Avengers: Secret Wars hits theaters. However you'll guess your final closing universe in a decimated multiverse that Kevin Feige and each different inventive higher-up at Wonder Studios will likely be dodging the solution till then. And, no less than, now you recognize why.

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