Steve Bannon and The War Room Call for Criminal Referrals Against Cassidy Hutchinson for Numerous Lies During Congressional Testimony (VIDEO)


Cassidy Hutchinson together with her trainer Liz Cheney

On Tuesday, Liz Cheney and the sham Jan. 6 committee introduced in Mark Meadows staffer Cassidy Hutchinson as a “marvel witness.”

Younger Cassidy informed a number of lies whilst below oath earlier than the committee.

Right here a couple of of Cassidy’s whoppers:

1.) Cassidy Hutchinson mentioned President Trump tried to clutch the guidance wheel of “the beast” and wrestly keep an eye on from the Secret Provider on January sixth.

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Fact: President Trump used to be no longer in “the beast” on January sixth.

Fact: Secret Provider brokers prepared to testify in opposition to this ridiculous lie by way of younger Cassidy. It by no means took place.

2.) Cassiday Hutchinson mentioned President Trump grabbed the neck are of Secret Provider agent Bobby Engel.

Fact: Bobby Engel prepared to testify this used to be a lie.

3.) Cassidy Hutchinson mentioned President Trump broke dishes and flipped tablecloths on January sixth.

Fact: President Trump refutes the nonsensical declare.

4.) Cassidy Hutchinson claimed to have written a handwritten word on January sixth.

Fact: Former White Area legal professional Eric Herschmann wrote the no longere and testified to this truth below oath up to now earlier than the committee.

5.) Cassidy Hutchinson mentioned her boss Mark Meadows known as Roger Stone on January fifth to determine what would play out day after today on January sixth.

Fact: Roger Stone has by no means spoken to Mark Meadows outdoor of a dialog they held in a inexperienced room in 2019.

6.) Cassidy Meadows mentioned Mark Meadows spoke with Basic Flynn on January fifth.

Fact: Basic Flynn has by no means had a telephone dialog with Mark Meadows.

7.) Cassidy Hutchinson mentioned Basic Flynn and Roger Stone participated by way of telephone in a briefing within the struggle room within the Willard Lodge with Mark Meadows on January fifth.

Fact: Didn't occur. Stone and Flynn have no longer spoken with Meadows at the telephone, ever.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Thursday Steve Bannon and Borish Epshteyn known as for legal referrals in opposition to Cassidy Hutchinson for her a lot of lies to Congress all through her testimony in entrance of the January 6 Unselect Committee.

If we've got any justice device left in The usa lately serial liar Cassidy Hutchinson will face fees for her many outlandish and anxious lies.

By means of The Struggle Room and Nighttime Rider.