Stray guide: Collect the Poncho to warm up Elliot


In Stray, you'll gather a number of pieces and provides them to the quite a lot of robotic NPCs all over the world. A few of these pieces — like Sheet Track and power drink cans — are completely not obligatory. Others, just like the Poncho, you’ll wish to whole the principle tale quest.

On this Stray information, we’ll train you how you can get the Tremendous Spirit Detergent, the Electrical Cable, and the Poncho so you'll repair the Damaged Tracker.

Notice: You'll do that quest in bankruptcy 4, however you received’t wish to whole it till the tip of bankruptcy six.

How you can get the Tremendous Spirit Detergent

A cat stands on a table near some detergent in Stray

Symbol: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive by means of Polygon

From the Parent robotic, do a 180, take a proper, and climb as much as the rooftops. You must see some robots chucking paint cans from one facet of the roof to the opposite. Climb over to them.

The robotic at the decrease roof (the only throwing the paint cans) is the objective right here. Seems they’re very simply startled by means of loud noises. Communicate to them and the sport will instructed you to meow. Hit the meow button simply prior to the robotic throws and it’ll drop a paint can onto the road. This will likely summon the grumpy robotic that runs the laundromat. As soon as the paint can falls, they’ll unencumber their door and get started clearing their hunch.

Make your means back off to the road and stroll during the laundromat’s entrance door. In an instant on your left you’ll see two tables driven in combination. Leap up and take hold of the Tremendous Spirit Detergent bottle subsequent to the Tremendous Spirit field.

How you can get the Electrical Cable

A cat trades some detergent for an electric cable in Stray

Symbol: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive by means of Polygon

Take your new bottle of detergent over to Azooz, the robotic who runs the store to the suitable of the Parent. Make a choice the Electrical Cable off the bottom and business your Tremendous Spirit Detergent for it.

How you can get the Poncho

A cat collects a poncho from and old robot in Stray

Symbol: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive by means of Polygon

Together with your Electrical Cable stowed in B12’s backpack, head again to the Parent and search for a signpost. Practice the indicators to Grandma’s outfitter. Business her the Electrical Cable and he or she’ll make you a poncho. Unfortunately, this isn't a cat-sized poncho, however a robot-sized one. Thankfully, there’s a close-by robotic who wishes it for heat.

What to do with the Poncho

A cat hands over a poncho to a cold robot in Stray

Symbol: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive by means of Polygon

In finding any other signpost and apply it to Elliot’s restore store. You’ll know you’ve discovered it while you come throughout a purple door coated in posters and writing. Scratch at the door and a robotic will solution. Slide during the open door and move up the steps. Communicate to Elliot and be offering him the Poncho. He’ll straight away drape himself within the present and be offering his restore services and products must you require them.

If you have already got the Damaged Tracker, hand it over to Elliot and he’ll repair it for you. If now not, proceed alongside the vital trail till you get it.

While you’ve fastened the Damaged Tracker, go back to Seamus so you'll head into bankruptcy seven.