Tucker Carlson Announces A Potentially Biographical Documentary About The Collapse Of Testosterone In American Men


Tucker Carlson is selling a brand new documentary about right-wing American males like himself and their projections about low testosterone.


Tucker Carlson mentioned, “Probably the most largest tales in our lifetimes is the overall cave in of testosterone ranges in American males. The ones ranges are declining by way of more or less ten p.c in line with decade totally converting the best way individuals are on the maximum basic stage. NIH does no longer appear on this in any respect, no longer a large deal. We expect this is a massive deal, and we need to know what’s inflicting it, and what you'll be able to do about it. That’s the subject of our upcoming documentary known as, “The Finish Of Guy.”

Science tells us that Tucker Carlson is improper.

The American male testosterone stage is at a wonderfully wholesome stage.

Science additionally suggests some possible reasons that Tucker Carlson maximum unquestionably received’t be speaking about in his documentary. Smoking raises testosterone ranges in males. Folks smoke much less nowadays than they did within the Nineteen Eighties.

The second one reason behind reduced testosterone ranges is weight problems.  Since Fox Information audience, like the remainder of the rustic, are a part of the weight problems disaster, this is a lovely secure wager that Carlson received’t be telling his audience to get off of the sofa, prevent looking at his display and cross workout.

The final suspect for declining male testosterone in The us is air pollution. If Carlson and his audience sought after to spice up their testosterone, they might beef up the Inexperienced New Deal.

`Tucker Carlson can have the least quantity of testosterone of any male in The us.

Have you ever observed Tucker Carlson seeking to put on a flannel blouse?

Tucker Carlson in a flannel
Tucker Carlson in a flannel

Carlson seems like a canine in a sweater. He’s uncomfortable. He doesn’t need to be there, and he’s no longer certain what’s happening.

Tucker Carlson and the target audience who will watch his documentary will likely be attractive in self-confession. Male conservatism screams low-T as it's characterised by way of Proper wing stereotypes of ladies, together with hysteria, emotional outbursts, irrational conduct, and whining.

Observing Tucker Carlson may just rather well be reducing the testosterone of his audience, however as an alternative of coping with believable clinical explanations Carlson will most probably blame woke tradition, Joe Biden, Mickey Mouse, and Starbucks.`