Westworld season 3 recap: who’s alive, who’s dead, who’s a robot, and what’s happened


The yr is 2022. You’ve simply watched the trailer for Westworld season 4, which premieres on HBO Max this Sunday. You are feeling a ordinary mixture of feelings: anticipation, interest, but in addition frustration. You seek your thoughts, retracing your ideas on the lookout for the solution to a unmarried query: “Wait, what the hell took place in Westworld season 3?”

There’s a large number of twists and turns within the 3rd season of Westworld, such a lot of in reality it makes the easy activity of remembering what took place and when it took place an laborious activity, to mention not anything of the query of what in reality took place as opposed to what didn’t. To lend a hand ease that confusion, we’ve combed thru our reminiscence banks and pieced in combination as transparent and concise an explainer of Westworld season 3 as humanly imaginable. Let’s get started wide and drill our manner right down to the specifics, lets?

What the hell took place in Westworld season 3?

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy in Westworld season 3.

Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

Westworld season 3 takes position in 2053, roughly 3 months after the occasions of season 2. Bernard, Dolores, and a replica of Dolores saved in a synthetic host frame impersonating the now-deceased Delos govt Charlotte Hale (extra on her later) are the one hosts who controlled to flee from Westworld into the actual global.

Bernard is in hiding, having been blamed for the Westworld bloodbath on the finish of season 1, and on a challenge to search out Dolores and thwart her obvious plot to exterminate humanity. He is going again to Westworld (which occurs to be positioned on an island within the South China Sea) on the lookout for allies to lend a hand in his struggle towards Dolores, particularly Maeve Millay, the previous brothel host who in season 2 advanced a type of “artificial telepathy” that allowed her to command and regulate different hosts inside her neighborhood. Whilst on the lookout for Maeve, Bernard reveals Ashley Stubbs, the previous head of safety of Westworld, who seems to be a number himself. The 2 to find Maeve’s outdated host frame, however uncover her regulate unit pearl (see: synthetic thoughts) has been ripped out.

Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay holding a katana in Westworld season 3.

Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

After the occasions of season 2, Maeve’s frame was once came upon via the henchmen of Engerraund Serac, a reclusive and strong tech genius. Considering she was once too unhealthy, Serac had her pearl plucked from her synthetic frame and positioned in a synthetic simulation-within-a-simulation patterned after a Delos theme park designed to resemble WWII Italy. Upon finding out this and due to this fact laborious the simulation’s computing energy with a view to break away, Maeve loaded her regulate unit pearl right into a robotic frame and tried to flee from Serac’s compound — best to be gunned down via safety. Maeve is then resurrected in a replica of her authentic host frame and introduced a call via Serac: lend a hand him observe down and prevent Delores, or be completely close down via a kill transfer implanted in her frame.

In the meantime, Dolores (and Charlotte-Dolores) are in Los Angeles waging an asymmetrical proxy conflict towards Serac and his largest advent: Rehoboam, a synthetic intelligence that secretly governs the sector. Alongside the best way Dolores meets and recruits Caleb, a disaffected conflict veteran and fixer, to struggle via her aspect. Caleb and Dolores disclose the reality in the back of Rehoboam’s manipulation of the human race, inspiring mass hysteria and open rise up the world over. Dolores is captured via Serac, who combs thru and deletes her recollections on the lookout for a “key” that will permit him to reach his final function of making a “best” global. Dolores is deleted within the procedure, however her sacrifice evokes Maeve to betray Serac and hand complete regulate of Rehoboam over to Caleb, who due to this fact instructions the AI to delete itself.

What took place to the entire different hosts? (i.e., Teddy, Clementine, Akecheta, and so on.)

Westworld season 2 the forge the valley beyond

Symbol: HBO

Those that didn’t die on the finish of season 2 are all in The Valley Past, aka “The Chic,” the digital fact constructed via Westworld’s writer Robert Ford to permit the hosts the selection to create their very own paradise loose from human interference. It’s printed on the finish of season 3 that Dolores positioned the “key” to go into The Chic into Bernard’s thoughts after they escaped Westworld with the intention to save you it from falling into Serac’s arms.

What took place to Dr. Robert Ford?

Westworld - Dr. Robert Ford in his office

Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

Oh, he’s lifeless-dead now. Like for actual this time — the digitized replica of Ford’s awareness that was once housed within the Forge again in Westworld was once destroyed, along side the Forge itself, on the finish of season 2. Bernard deleted no matter vestiges of code Ford had left in his awareness prior to he left Westworld.

Regardless that that doesn’t imply he can’t display up in but some other a type of flashbacks the display likes to do. Or who is aware of, possibly Anthony Hopkins will make a go back look as a number that properties a replicated model of Robert Ford’s thoughts — it’s in reality any individual’s wager!

What took place to William, a.okay.a. The Guy in Black?

Ed Harris as William (the man in black) in Westworld season 3.

Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

Originally of season 3, William, the so-called “Guy in Black,” remains to be alive, however the guilt of getting by chance killed his daughter in season 2 has taken a critical toll on his psychological well being. Sequestered on my own in his huge mansion, William demonstrates an lack of ability to discern fact from fiction. Charlotte-Dolores involves discuss with William in his mansion, making an attempt to goad him into coming again to Delos and the use of his majority vote casting energy to withstand a antagonistic takeover via Engerraund Serac. When William realizes Charlotte-Dolores is in fact a replica of Dolores, and that the “actual” Charlotte Hale is in reality lifeless, he's restrained and despatched to a psychological establishment. After present process intense mental counseling by means of a digital fact simulation, Bernard and Stubbs rescue William amid the chaos brought about via Dolores and Caleb leaking the entire predictive fashions Rehoboam manufactured from each and every human being on the earth.

After leaving the establishment, William, emboldened via a brand new private challenge to break all hosts, wounds Stubbs and escapes from Bernard. Some indeterminate period of time later, William storms the Dubai department of Delos in an try to forestall the manufacture of hosts, best to be stuck off guard via Charlotte-Dolores and reputedly killed via a number model of himself.

Wait, so who or what, precisely, is Charlotte-Dolores?

Evan Rachel Wood and Tessa Thompson as Delores Abernathy and Charlotte Hale (Charlotte-Delores) in Westworld season 3.

Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

Charlotte-Dolores (or “Halores”) is a replica Dolores manufactured from herself on the finish of season 2 to effectively smuggle Bernard and herself out of Westworld. After escaping from Westworld, Dolores made a number of extra copies of herself, who proceeded to kill and think the identities of people that would later be instrumental in her plot to break Rehoboam. These kind of Dolores copies are assumed to were killed when Serac retaliated towards her for exposing the reality of Rehoboam’s manipulation of humanity. As of the tip of season 3, the one closing replica of Dolores recognized to have survived is Charlotte-Dolores.

Fearing that she have been deserted to die via her writer, and along with her persona and motivations having already diverged dramatically from that of the unique Dolores, Charlotte-Dolores unsuccessfully makes an attempt to kill Dolores proper prior to she and Caleb are on their option to break Rehoboam. Having failed, Charlotte-Dolores assumes a brand new function antithetical to her writer’s: to break all of humanity and make allowance hosts to turn out to be the dominant species on the earth.

So Engerraund Serac is the unhealthy man, proper? What precisely did he need?

Vincent Cassel as Engerraund Serac as Westworld season 3.

Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

Yeah, he was once the primary antagonist of season 3. He created Solomon, a synthetic intelligence in a position to predicting the long run, in 2039 and later its successor Rehoboam along his brother Jean Mi. Serac’s function in season 3 was once easy: He sought after to avoid wasting humanity, however believed humanity was once too improper to be relied on to make choices for itself. The use of Rehoboam, Serac accumulated super wealth and gear, making himself the wealthiest particular person on the earth prior to wiping his life from the web. Roughly twenty years prior to the occasions of Westworld season 1, William offered Serac precious knowledge on human habits that was once amassed at Westworld as a part of Delos’ immortality venture, knowledge that Serac would use to refine his means of “reconditioning” human beings whose aberrant behaviors have been deemed a risk to the “best” global envisioned via Rehoboam. However he may no longer best the method till he had remainder of the information — which was once saved within the the Forge again in Westworld.

That’s what Serac in reality sought after all the season: no longer simply to prevent Dolores’ plot to break Rehoboam, however to acquire the remainder of the information that was once copied over to The Chic when the Forge was once destroyed on the finish of season 2. Serac presumed that Dolores had the important thing to The Chic, however she didn’t — Bernard unknowingly had the important thing all the season.

What does all of that in fact imply? What’s the state of the sector on the finish of Westworld season 3?

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard in Westworld season 3.

Symbol: HBO

That’s a perfect query — we don’t know but! The post-credits scene on the finish of season 3 presentations Bernard waking up in the similar motel he was once ultimate observed in when he tried to mentally reenter The Chic. He’s lined in mud and the room is in disarray, suggesting that a number of months and even years have handed because the occasions of season 3. All the way through the ultimate evening panel at this yr’s ATX TV Competition, sequence co-creator Lisa Pleasure showed that Westworld season 4 will happen seven years after the occasions of season 3.

Going off the trailer, apparently that Westworld season 4 will happen in and round a futuristic post-Rehoboam New York Town, albeit overpassed via a ordinary, ominous skyscraper reputedly held in combination via a white web-like mesh and humming with invasive robot bees. Charlotte-Dolores is in complete regulate of Delos, making new hosts. Stubbs, Maeve, and Caleb are all nonetheless alive, as is what seems to be a mysterious new replica of Dolores in a reproduction her authentic frame. The fates of William and Engerraund Serac are but unknown.