Wiz Khalifa Launching Mushroom & Psilocybin Wellness Brand Mistercap – Billboard


Wiz Khalifa has teamed up with Canadian corporate Pink Mild Holland to release Mistercap, a brand new naturally happening psilocybin and mushroom wellness emblem.

The publicly-traded Ontario, Canada-based corporate already produces, grows and sells psychedelics within the Netherlands, which has one of the liberal drug insurance policies of any nation in Europe. The Grammy-nominated rapper, who prior to now went by way of the moniker “Mr. Cap,” is operating with Pink Mild Holland on magic cakes within the Netherlands, and so they’re aiming to release home-grown herbal (non-psychedelic) mushroom kits within the U.S., Europe and Canada by way of the top of the 12 months.

“We’ve been running with Wiz Khalifa and his group to collaborate and create a emblem that encompasses our joint trust for the reasonably priced and equitable get admission to to naturally happening psilocybin responsibly,” stated Pink Mild Holland CEO/director Todd Shapiro in a observation. He added that they “will track long run doable markets, if and when laws legally allow, to make bigger the provision” of the psychedelic product line and “will proceed to paintings in opposition to generating further purposeful mushroom merchandise collectively beneath the MISTERCAP emblem.”

Shapiro stated that Khalifa’s affect makes him “uniquely placed to assist us unfold the message and finish the stigma surrounding psilocybin whilst that specialize in psychological well being and wellness.”

The sale of psilocybin — a naturally happening psychedelic which is the energetic aspect in “magic mushrooms” — is these days unlawful beneath federal legislation within the U.S. and Canada, despite the fact that it was once just lately decriminalized statewide in Oregon in addition to within the District of Columbia and several other municipalities in California, Washington, Colorado, Michigan and Massachusetts. In Europe, psilocybin is criminal on the market most effective within the Netherlands, despite the fact that different Eu nations, together with Austria, Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic, have decriminalized ownership of magic mushrooms.

Regardless of in style restrictions on psilocybin globally, Khalifa and Pink Mild Holland are obviously hoping that the present push to decriminalize the drug in more than a few nations, together with the U.S., will make bigger the marketplace for their psychedelic product line over the years. And by way of promoting non-psychedelic develop kits, they’re it appears that evidently aiming to building up their buyer database within the intervening time.

There’s reason why for optimism. Along with the a hit push for decriminalization within the aforementioned U.S. states and municipalities, any other federally-banned drug, hashish, is now absolutely criminal for leisure use in more or less part of U.S. states, the District of Columbia and more than one territories, whilst round a dozen others have allowed it for clinical use. In Canada, hashish is criminal at the federal degree for leisure use, whilst many nations in Europe have additionally legalized or decriminalized the drug recreationally. Within the wake of those a hit legalization efforts, a variety of celebrity-branded hashish merchandise have flooded the marketplace, together with from Lil Wayne (GKUA Extremely Top rate), Willie Nelson (Willie’s Reserve), Snoop Dogg (Leafs by way of Snoop) and Khalifa’s personal Khalifa Kush hashish line, which he’s run since 2014.

“Launching Mistercap Magic Cakes within the Netherlands and growing different Mistercap herbal mushroom merchandise and House Develop kits is gonna be dope,” stated Khalifa in a observation. “We're development one thing particular and are excited to develop with the business.”

Brad J. Lamb, chairman of the board of administrators of Pink Mild Holland, added, “Authentic emblem popularity and celeb social media succeed in will assist Pink Mild Holland achieve international consciousness for leisure psilocybin as all of us look ahead to being part of a favorable exchange and finishing stigmas. Pink Mild may even proceed to concentrate on expanding revenues with many alternative forms of mushrooms, from farming, distribution to consumer-packaged items, making a well-positioned corporate with a endured, consistent and artful expansion technique.”